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3 Best Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Machines 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldown Machine, as the name says, is the lat muscle that gets worked out mainly when exercise with the machine is performed. It is the latissimus dorsi or lat muscle of your back that helps in creating the V-shape. Latissimus muscles are in fact broad muscles that bodybuilders look out for to strengthen and get the V- shape.

These muscles are responsible to pull your arms down at the back. This is the action required during the exercise. You will find that Lat PullDown machines work on other muscles (shoulders, arms, and back) as well when you start using the machine.

Performing lat pulldown exercise will be worth it when you get the right machine and trainer for yourself. Now, choosing the right machine and maintaining it well will ensure healthy exercise overall.

Studies show that making use of such machines at home certainly helps in toning down your body with proper care. No wonder there are both advantages and disadvantages of using the same at home as at gym. It is absolutely on the users the medium they choose to take.

As discussed earlier lat pulldown machines come in varieties. Each of them has its own individual characteristics. Such products are in fact cable-based machines that primarily target the lat or latisssimus dorsi muscles.

Latissimus dorsi – best known as a large muscle extending across your top rib cage, this kind of muscle helps in shoulder extension and adduction. Using lat machines involves your arms, shoulders, and back to strengthen the muscles. To get the best result from lat pulldown exercise it would always be best to choose from the 3 best wide grip lat pulldown machines mentioned here.

When it comes to wide grip lat pulldown machines, there are a range of product models to choose from. While choosing the right one, you need to consider a few things as it involves your body fitness and health. Key considerations include load flexibility, efficiency, warranty, quality, versatility and its user-friendly features.

3 Best Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Machines 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide

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Wide Grip Lat PulldownAs the name Lat PullDown machine itself implies, this machine strengthens your latissimus dorsi muscles or lats of your back. Such machines assure to get you out from your back ache, muscle ache and arms.

This is the most preferred machine by the bodybuilders and others who particularly want to strengthen their arms or shoulders or may be back.

However, since it is a machine and has much functionality, it is always advisable to get in touch with a professional trainer who can guide you well. Always remember if performed with guidance lat pulldown machines can be tremendously beneficial to build your upper body strength. Here are the 3 best wide grip lat pulldown machines for you. They are

  • Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine
  • XMark Lat Pulldown Machine XM-7618
  • Body Solid Pro Clubline Lat Machine

Wide Grip Lat PullDown Machines: Which Would Be Right For You?

1. Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine:

Powerline PLM180X seems to be one among the 3 best wide grip lat pulldown machines. This machine performs an array of exercises to build up your upper body. With this machine, the bodybuilding exercises involve triceps press downs, upright rows, seated rows, lat pull downs and more. It features dual position 8 inches foam rollers. This holds the user in position with a strong grip.

The patented nylon present on the rollers provides smooth operation. The product dimension includes width 25 inches, length 48 inches and height 80 inches. Choosing the right machine like powerline PLM180X is very important as it plays a significant role in shaping your body. This machine is known to be a free-weight one that helps in shaping upper body muscles. The best part of this machine is its wide grip bar that balances your body for muscle strengthening.

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2. XMark Lat Pulldown with Low Row Cable Machine XM-7618:

This steel frame versatile wide grip lat machine measures around 2” x 2” with 12 gauge steel tubing. Lock pull pins required for adjustments help in balancing. Like the Powerline PLM180X machine, this too has a wide grip to grasp the bar and adjust your elbow accordingly.

The only difference is its features and framing that is unlike Powerline PLM180X. You can use the weight as per the requirement. Its skid resistant foot, scratch-free Dura guard viny and baked powder coat finish making the product all the more functional.

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3. Body Solid Pro Clubline Lat Machine:

Wrong pull-downs affect your arms shoulders and back. So choosing the right machine is just not enough unless you know the techniques and its utility. Making use of Body Solid Pro Clubline Lat Machine will give you the pleasure of bodybuilding.

Finding the right grip in form of wide grip is very important when you are involved into lat pulldown exercises. “Wide grip over-handed lat pulldowns” will help you to get elicited greater muscles. This machine comes with a construction of 11 gauge steel mainframe that has scratch free powder coat finish.

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How to Perform Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Exercise?

Today, if you look at the market, you will find a large number of options available when you go to buy lat pull down machines. Now if you target to buy the wide grip ones then choose from the best wide grip lat pulldown machines.

In order to see how it works or doing exercise on the lat pulldown wide grip, first sit on its seat with strong knees. Now select the appropriate resistance by putting it in the weight stack. Then grasp the wide bar with the overhand grip keeping your elbows straight. It should always be kept in mind that the hands must be kept wider than your shoulder-width at a distance.

Slightly lean back, however, and make sure to avoid arching your back. Soon after this bend the elbows towards the waist as you keep pulling the bar near your chest. As the bar touches the chest, slowly straighten the elbows in order to come back to the initial position. For better understanding, have a look at this video below:

We all know that shoulder is a very important part of our body. It is considered to be a key mobile joint that needs to get strengthen. This will be fruitful if over-handed grip lat pulldown machine is present. So, get the best one today and enjoy using the lat pulldown machine right away.

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