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What Are The Best Power Tower Workout Routines?

What Are The Best Power Tower Workout Routines

It cannot be denied that in case one wants to build a strong body, there cannot be any better investment than buying a power tower. In case you have not heard of power tower earlier, then no need to worry.

A power tower is a piece of kit that enables the people to do a number of body weight exercises. They facilitate in working the muscles in arms, back, shoulders, and core.

There can be huge variation in the type of power tower that you may buy for you. Basic models of these machines may not offer you the same number of features that are offered by the advanced ones.

However, still they will be effective in getting the job done in every manner. It is because they will be allowing you to have pushups, pull ups, and dips.

The machines with advanced models have greater number of features. Whenever you set out to buy one, you need to see carefully that which featured you actually need for you.

To get started with your learning with the power tower, let us talk about the exercises that are a routine matter with this power tower.

3 Best Power Tower Workout Machine

1. EASY BIG Multifunctional Power Tower:

EASY BIG Multifunctional Power Tower Adjustable Heights Workout Dip Station for Adults and Kids Home Gym Strength Training Fitness Equipment Newer Version (Black/Red)

It is one of the basic examples of the power tower. This is perfect for those who are tight on budget. It supports pullups, pushups, dips, triceps, and more. The dip station can support many kinds of sport proograms like pull-up, dips, push-up, knee raise and so on.Made of oblate reinforced steel frame,Sturdy construction & step-up design.Handles have grips for non-slip workouts.All the power tower you bought from our store has LifeTime-YEAR WARRANTY. 

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2. Weider 200 Power Tower:

Weider 200 Power Tower

This power tower is offered with several accessories along with the dip stations. These are adjustable and offer ability to complement several needs.It offers around 20 exercises including stiups, pushups, planks, knee and leg rises, pullups, dips, and more.

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3. Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station:

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Strength Training Workout Equipment, 400LBS.

It is a high quality power tower that offers a perfect balance between comfort and the simplicity.It is a multi-functional power tower that supports vertical knee raise, push-ups, dips as well as pull-ups, which help tone and target your arms, core, shoulders, chest, and back for a stronger upper body.Our power tower owns 43.2’’ long-size H-shape base. The long base provides more loading points. 8 support points are formed by the extended steel, which increase the contact area and provides double stability.We stand behind our quality guarantee with our 1 year warranty on the frame and 90 days warranty on all other materials.

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The Underhand Close Grip Pull Up

The Underhand Close Grip Pull Up

It is actually the variation of the old fashioned, regular pull up. It will work on your back muscles, shoulders as well as biceps.

Learn the workout by following the underlined steps:

  1. Stand with your face towards the power tower
  2. Grip the bar overhead with strength of your hands. Make sure that you use the underhand grip with hands closed to each other giving a pull up that is traditional wide grip
  3. Pull the arms to lift yourself; legs should be crossed behind you. Lift the body in a way where the chin gets closer to the bar
  4. Lower yourself down slowly and repeat the steps again.

Three sets of six reps are suggested

The Overhand Close Grip Pull Up

This one is yet again a wonderful way of working your upper body muscles and the ones in the back. The steps to be followed are underlined:

  1. Stand with your face towards the machine
  2. Use a wide overhead grip to grab the bar
  3. Pull with your arms in order to lift up yourself having legs crossed behind you. Get the chin closer to the bar
  4. Lower yourself and then repeat the step.

Six slow rep sets are suggested in case you are a beginner.

Hand Stand Push Ups Advanced Exercise

This exercise will work best for the people who want to work on their shoulders and muscles. Also this exercise will facilitate you in working your back and core muscles. It is recommended to take facilitation from spotter while exercising. The steps are as follows:

  1. Face towards the power tower and out your hands a few inches away from the ground
  2. Lift your feet in a way that they are over your head. Legs will get in to contact with the support of the machine.
  3. In this position, do pushups. 3 sets of reps are highly suggested.


Triceps Dip:

Triceps Dip

This workout specializes in working on the upper arms muscles. It is an exercise to learn. Follow the underlined steps to learn it:

  1. Once again begin with your face toward the power tower, and get in to the position that is next to the dip handles
  2. Have a firm grip on both the handles of the dip and hang yourself in the air having legs little crossed just behind you
  3. Lower yourself down in a slow manner. Feel the strain and then do it again when you raise yourself up.

Do 3 steps of 7 reps. In case you want to advance then you can try increasing the reps, and then you can try wearing a weight belt which would make each of the rep harder than the earlier one.

For all this, you need to have a reliable power tower. Let us talk about several good machines easily accessible in the market.

Look carefully what features are offered by the power tower machines and then make the decision carefully. Vigilant decision in this regards will serve the purpose best in every manner.

You can rely on Lat Pulldown for more details in this regards. Log in to for more details in this regards.

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