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Weider Power Towers 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

Weider Power Tower
Weider Power Tower

Physical activities, particularly using a piece of fitness equipment and the machine keeps your body fit, fresh, and healthy. The numerous benefits of physical activities include a reduced risk of different health problems, better sleeping patterns, and an improved mental and social welfare. A physically fit person feels better and can accomplish difficult tasks in a calm, controlled manner.

Why is Exercise Necessary For Our Body?

When you spend the whole day sitting down at your office desk and make minimal effort to keep your body fit, you become vulnerable to different health problems and may develop health-related problems over time.

No matter how busy and hectic your schedule is you need to take some time out for exercise. Because exercise keeps your cardiovascular system efficient by improving the energy levels of your body. It strengthens your muscles, joints, and tendons which allow you to deal with injuries in a better way.

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How Can A Power Tower Help You Stay Fit?

If you want to work out at your home, purchasing a power tower is a wise decision.

Among the most popular home fitness equipment, Power Tower is definitely the one that is extremely useful and beneficial because it provides users a full-body workout. Using a power tower, one can perform a variety of exercises to build or strengthen the muscles.

A Power Tower Offers The Following Types Of Exercises:

  • Chin-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Deep pushups

While selecting a power tower for yourself, you need to look for the weight capacity of the power tower. Make sure you purchase a power tower that can handle your body weight. Another thing which you must consider is the quality of the power tower, one example of an efficient power tower is Weider Power Tower.

What Is The Weider Power Tower?


The Weider machines are designed by the famous Joe Weider, the trainer, and publisher of Muscle and Fitness magazine. The exercise machines, especially the ones you can keep at home, prove to be exceptionally useful for your health both physically and mentally. Because only a physically healthy and fit person can feel stress-free.

Weider Power Tower comes with an adjustable back that makes it easier for users to do different types of exercises. Looking for a piece of equipment which is all-in-one? Weider Power rack has it all.

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1. Push-Up Station:

The pushup station, along with padded hand grips, helps the user work on their shoulders, cores, and biceps. One can do push-ups energetically using the Weider squat rack, considering the comfortable grips provided in it.

With the help of the Weider pull up station, one can do push-ups in a far deeper manner compared to the simple ones. The push-up station provides better stimulation to your chest muscles.

2. Pull-Up Station:

A pull-up station is predominantly the most valuable part of a power tower which lets the user do a lot of activities including various chin-up and pull-up exercises.

The pull-up station provided by the Weider power tower exercise rack comes with padded hand grips that make it easier for users to pull themselves up, touching their chest to the pull-up bar. Users who are looking for a workout for their biceps and forearms can benefit from it.

3. Dip Station:

The dip station in the Weider power tower makes sure that your triceps, chest, and shoulders get maximum strength. The user can increase the number of muscles involved in the workout just by keeping the torso vertical. With a few variations in your style of movement, you can work out a number of exercises using the dip station of the Weider power tower.

4. Vertical Knee Raise Station (VKR):

If you want to develop lean and sculpted apps, Weider power tower can help you in the best possible way. It has a vertical knee station that comes with cushioned armrests. Using these you can isolate your core which helps in developing slender muscle. You can work on your lower and upper abs with the help of VKR.

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Key Features Of The Weider Power Tower

A brief overview Of The Features Of The Weider Power Tower Is Given Below.

  • The Weider power rack comes with sewn vinyl cushions that provide comfort to users and tends to last longer.
  • It helps in leg workouts and can also be used as squat racks.
  • Weider Power Tower has an Olympic width with adjustable uprights and safety spotters.
  • For flat and declined positions, an independent bench can be used.
  • The high-quality Weider power tower has a very well-built, durable, and solid structure.
  • Being easy to install, the Weider power rack is hassle-free fitness equipment that comes with a set of detailed instructions.
  • Has a comfortable and durable cushion.
  • It is made up of steel tubing which makes it long-lasting and resilient to any problem.
  • It has a dimension of 58 x 22 x 10 inches.
  • The Weider power tower has a product weight of 94 lbs.
  • It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. This makes it useful for most people even if they have a heavyweight.
  • It has a 6-foam leg developer and a removable curl yoke.
  • The Weider power tower comes with an exercise chart which is quite valuable especially for beginners.


Following Are The Advantages Of The Weider Power Tower Exercises:

  • Keeps your arm and back muscles refined.
  • Helps in maintaining perfect form and provides chiseled chest muscles.
  • You can lose weight and can attain the ideal waist with the help of the dip station.
  • The dip station provided in the Weider power tower helps in keeping your midsection toned and sculpted.
  • As compared to other high-quality power towers, the Weider power tower is quite affordable and cheap.
  • It is multifunctional equipment. Users can perform a number of workouts on it including squats, dips, leg raises, push-ups, etc.


  • The bars of the Weider power rack is a little thin.

Final Verdict

The Weider power tower is an excellent choice for every fitness enthusiast. The above-mentioned valuable features prove to be worthy of your investment and are highly recommended to buy.

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