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3 Best V Bar Lat Pulldown Handles 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

V Bar Lat Pulldown
V Grip Lat Pulldown Handles

Lat pulldown exercises are common and if you are performing it wrong then you will definitely end up getting improper results. It might be possible that the exercise you are doing won’t be wrong but the better approach will help to maximize results.

V Bar Lat pulldown exercises do require a lot of knowledge and if you want to perform it well then use the most appropriate method. If you are copying the exercise just like people are doing at the gym then you are doing it wrong. A variety of exercises performed by V Grip Lat Pulldown handle attachment will surely provide benefits, but it is essential to follow the right grip.

A common mistake with Lat Pulldown machines:

Even regular users of lat pulldown often make common mistakes by using V grip lat pulldown handles. These handles are common and perfect to use for beginners. The cause of the wrong approach many people often complain about constant pain or injury. So to avoid these mistakes you need to overcome the errors. Following are the common mistakes which you need to avoid

  • If you are taking the bar at the back of your head, then this move will put pressure on the spine and may hurt the shoulders.
  • Pulling the bar against or towards your waist is another wrong practice which you need to avoid. In this way, your arms will rotate in a forwarding position and do not provide any benefit to you and end up causing shoulder pain.
  • If you are holding or making the grip too wide, then remember that this will reduce motion and create shoulder problems. To avoid this error and keep the grip narrow from 4 to 6 inches.

Get Maximum Advantages With V Grip Lat Pulldown Handles:

Most people are eager to increase upper body mass while they do ignore the back muscles. The main reasons for the invention of V bar lat pulldown and its associated attachments are to provide great workout equipment to the people or trainers.

This helps to strengthen the back and make it more muscular. The innovation and change in handles and lat bars have truly revolutionized the equipment and the accessory market.

Any trainer or user can achieve maximum benefits by using the V grip handles offered. The V grip handles are comfortable and efficient to use. If you are ready to handle a great back workout, try out the best options.

3 Best V Grip Handles Lat Pulldown 2021 For Sale – Buying Guide

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1.Close V Grip Lat Pulldown Attachment

If you want to add a great addition to your home gym or professional accessories, then blunder handle parts of the Shred is the ultimate choice. It is designed in a heavy-duty way and enables the user to perform heavy-weight exercises. The reliable and durable steel construction increases its performance while the chrome finish eliminates the consequences of rusting.

If your gym does not have this kit, then it is highly recommended. A worthwhile investment you can make in this tool. You will be pleased with its excellent quality and metal grips which make the gripping easy. A brilliant piece of equipment is well made.

Perform Acute Exercise:

The close grip V bar Lat pulldown handles is perfect for trainers who want to train hard to increase size and strength. It can be used on other machines but provides a variety of cable attachments for pulldowns and close grip. It is chrome plated and offers an appropriately sized grip to all users.

Exercises recommended:

The following are the practices recommended with a V-shaped Grip handle:

  • Seated Rows
  • Reverse rows
  • Close grip
  • 45 degree
  • Bent over rows

High-quality artistry provides machine groove handles. It is ideal for heavy exercises and can be attached easily on cable with commercial and home gyms. For the upper body workouts, it is perfect and also focuses on the back and shoulders.

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2.CAP Barbell Deluxe Revolving V-Bar with Rubber Handgrips:

It is one of the best V grip lat pulldown handles. It has been popular since 2004 and earned customer confidence because of providing efficient results in minimum time. The V bar also focuses on triceps and biceps. A variety of motions and gestures are performed with this attachment.

It is not readily available in every gym but if it is accessible to you then gain limitless advantages by building your biceps and triceps. The ultimate hand grip focus to strengthen the arms. Strengthening the wrists and the rubber pads used help to provide the best grip even if you are sweating during a workout.

Features of V Bar Multi Gym Cable Attachment:

The following are the best features provided by V grip lat pulldown handles.

  • It is made up of solid heavy steel.
  • It can easily fit on cable machines, multi-gyms, and power cages.
  • Handle V-grip is specially designed to offer consistent tension.
  • Perfect for performing a variety of motion exercises for triceps and biceps.
  • Offers balanced development for biceps and triceps.
  • Allows through movement with optimal resistance.
  • It is available with two textured rubber grips to ensure comfort and easy control.

Why use V-bar Multi Gym?

The v-bar Multi-Gym is perfect for cable triceps and biceps exercises. It is made up of solid chrome and has a revolving center which allows the rod to stay firm while performing repetitions. It can easily be attached to any machine with a single hook or cable.

The v Bar Multi Gym attachment targets and challenges triceps. Various versions of exercises for triceps and biceps are performed with this bar. Using the attachment of the v bar changes the position of the hands and focuses mainly on the triceps. It works directly on the lateral head from the outside of the arm triceps. A greater range of motion is availed through this lat pulldown bar.

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3. TNP Accessories Pro Triceps Pull Down V Bar Cable Attachment:

Triceps are important muscles that carry a larger workload and also assist many other muscles including shoulders and chest. Professional trainers mostly focus on biceps to make the muscles bigger and enable them to gain more reputation in this field.

However, the beginners do make many mistakes by using a variety of attachments, but Pro triceps pull down v bar merely focus on the triceps and strengthen it. It provides an efficient result and overloads triceps with greater resistance.

Focus on the right posture by using the pull-down V-bar. The extension and the attachment include similar exercises but focus on the lateral head of the arm’s triceps.

Features of Pro triceps:

Following are the amazing features of Pro Triceps additional V bar cable attachment:

  • It is made up of solid steel construction
  • Available with rubber grips for firm grips
  • Chrome finish avoids rusting and enables the handle more weight
  • Perfect for balanced muscle development
  • Enables you to enhance your safety and strength
  • Allows you to perform compound lifts
  • Instead of overloading both arms, it balances both triceps.
  • You can change the order of exercise and stick to the maximum triceps workout
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Why Use Pro Triceps Attachment?

Triceps are small muscles and trainers usually perform exercises to improve them. It helps to strengthen the muscles including the chest and shoulders but emphasizes more on the triceps. The different postures of practice emphasize lateral, medial, and long heads.

This will eliminate the consequences of overtraining by providing maximum results in minimum time. Many bodybuilders train more triceps


It is best to reach out with the help of a professional trainer. If you perform the wrong postures with these best v Grip handles lat pulldown, then it might be possible that you will loosen up your muscles and get negative results.

We would prefer you to buy CAP Barbell Deluxe Revolving V-Bar with Rubber Handgrips as it is one of the best V grip lat pulldown handles since 2004. So focus on your muscles and start moving or performing the push-down exercises. These high-quality attachments allow you to perform efficiently and avail maximum results.

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