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3 Benefits For Straight Arm Lat Pulldown Machine


standing-lat-pulldownTo be precise, pulldown exercises are designed to strengthen and stimulate lat muscles. The main role is of the lat pulldown machine that helps to motivate our muscles to build up a strong body. A lat pulldown machine ends up to be beneficial if handled properly and professionally. In fact, there are some alternative versions to such workout.

Called a traditional pulldown, the exercise can be executed both while seated and in a standing lat pulldown position. The one with the standing lat pulldown position is called the straight arm lat pulldowns. Though both of them has the same essence, the work of the muscles is from a slightly different angle.

3  Best Straight Arm Lat Pulldown Machine

1. Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine:

Powerline by Body-Solid LAT Machine It is one of the best lat pulldown machines in the market. This particular machine can be appropriate for straight arm lat pulldowns exercises. In fact, this machine performs an array of bodybuilding workouts that keep you healthy and fit.

The exercises performed are straight arm lat pull down that includes triceps press downs, lat pull downs, upright rows, abs crunch, tricep extension, and so on.

It comes with an 8 inches foam rollers in order to grip in position. Its nylon bushings and wide grip help in the smooth operation. In fact, the body parts focused in this exercise are lats, biceps and triceps.

As it is a free weight machine to target your upper body muscles mostly, it has a number of benefits in store. You will be happy using this, as performing the straight arm pulldown will accelerate your strength, muscle mass and endurance.

To perform the exercise and get benefited face that high pulley bar of your cable machine and then hold it tight with the overhand grip. Slowly twist your elbows at an angle of 30 degrees then sway your feet at about 4-5 inches.

Soon from your hips hang forward to align the ears and upper arms. Unless you bring your upper arms parallel to your waist side, keep pulling the bar down.

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2. XMark Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine XM-7618:

XMark Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine

For straight arm pulldown Xmark pulldown with low row cable machine XM-7618 is certainly beneficial. Like other lat pulldowns, this also targets your upper back, arms and shoulder.

It’s nylon coated aircraft cables, 11-gauge 2 inches x 3inches steel, thick 3 inches Dura cushion, and a flip-up footplate make it all the more useful and beneficial.

Other features include tear free Dura guard vinyl, textured rubber grips, 56.7 inches Long x 48 inches Width x 82.7 inches Height dimension, both low and high pulley stations and so on.

This machine provides the best results when Olympic or standard plate weights are used. All these amazing features make it stand out from the rest especially when it comes to straight arm lat pulldowns exercises.

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3. Body Solid Pro Clubline Lat Machine:

Body-Solid SLM-300G/2 LAT Machine

Body Solid Pro Clubline Lat Machine is one of the most favoured machines in the gym as well as the club. Its extraordinary capabilities make the machine stand out from the crowd. Starters can opt for the high pulley that is placed overhead required for optimum shoulder and back isolation.

Its extra long bar helps you to choose from medium, narrow to wide handgrip positions. The unique styling, exceptional performance, space-efficient design make it truly versatile and apt for straight arm lat pull downs. Each lat pulldowns have its own feature so do body solid pro club line.

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How Does A Straight Arm Pulldown Work?

How Does A Straight Arm Pulldown Work?

If you are an often visitor of a gym, you will find that straight arm lat pulldowns exercise is not seen often. It is believed to be an isolation movement. This means only one joint stays mobile while the same works on the major group of muscles. This particular exercise does not engage the biceps, only permits the back muscles to enjoy the intense workout.


Below are the Lat pulldown Benefits of using the above products (straight arm lat pulldowns machines).

Benefits of Straight Arm Lat Pull down

Benefits of Straight Arm Lat Pull down

Performing straight arm lat pulldown benefits you from strengthening your muscles but make you strong and fit. As we all know that the principal muscle is the latissimus dorsi is the one that is targeted by the pulldown machine.

Using the cable machine help in several ways to make the lat muscle work thoroughly. So, if you are looking ahead to build muscle mass and strength, pulldown exercises, especially straight arm lat pull down are a must.

  • Building Strength:

Straight arm lat pulldown exercises work on the rhomboid muscles located on the upper back. This brings your shoulder blades and lower trapezius muscles close to your spine thereby pulling the shoulder blades down. On a whole, this exercise builds stability. Building your latissimus dorsi muscles will strengthen and stimulate your back.

Such form of exercise assist in activating the abdominal muscles and make it stronger to prevent the back of your body from hyperextending. The heavier the weight, the more will be the crunching action in the areas of external obliques and rectus abdominis.


  • The Contribution Of Synergist Muscles:

The best part of this exercise is, you will find no muscle works single-handedly. Synergists have a lot of contribution in it. This kind of muscle work hand in hand with lats as they are the targeted muscles. Apart from these, there are seven other such muscles assisting in straight-arm lat pulldown exercise. They are the following:

  • pictorials minor and major
  • teres major
  • triceps
  • levator scapulae
  • rhomboids
  • posterior deltoid

All get benefited at the same time. They contract and relax along with your latissimus muscles all through the exercise. The contraction of muscles helps in balancing and holding your body rightly. This also supports while the synergists and lats (targeted muscles) do their work.

  • Adding Support To Others:

Adding support to other muscles is another big advantage when it comes to getting benefited from straight arm pulldown exercise. With that of the primary muscles (lats), secondary muscles (biceps and other muscles in forearms and arms) to get focused by the machine.

Rhomboids and Deltoids along with middle and lower trapezius muscles at the back shoulders also get benefited. Developing these muscles makes pulling or lifting of heavy objects easier.

Tips To Success:

Here are a few tips that are your road to success. In fact, following such tips will help you build a strong and healthy body. When performing the straight-arm pulldown exercise, make sure you target the lat muscles while pulling the wide bar. Moving the bars in a slow and controlled motion will benefit you more than pulling it fast. Pull down the bar smoothly to your chest.

If you find you aren’t able to pull down, then the weights are extremely heavy to handle. If it is easy to pull then the weight is very light. So, make sure you balance because if improperly done, it can lead to tears and sprains in your muscles.

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