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Lat Pulldown

Are You Looking For a Standing Lat Pulldown Machine in 2022? – Read our Review & Buying Guide

Standing Lat Pulldown

Standing Lat Pulldown Machine
Latissimus dorsi muscles are the primary ones targeted for the standing lat pulldown exercises. As the given name implies, the machine stimulates and strengthens your back muscles, shoulders and arms. The targeted muscles are lats, which are broad and help in creating the V shaped back.

There are a wide variety of lat pulldown machines available in the market. However, you need to choose the right one from the list. Get hold of the Valor Fitness CB-12 standing lat pulldown machine and enjoy performing the lat pulldown exercises today.

1. Valor Fitness CB-12 Plate Loading Lat Pulldown:

This particular machine is perfect for a standing lat pulldown exercise. Also called CB-12 Lat Pull/Ab/Curl home gym, this standing pulldown machine is a pack of powerful punches. Exercises include Lat Pull Down, Ab Crunches Standing Arm Curls, Triceps Pull Down, Upright Row, and Seated Row and Standing Leg Extensions.

Right on the unit’s back end, there are plate storage pegs that keep the palates directly off the floor. This palate loading carriage has the capacity to hold up to 250lbs units. You need to be very careful while returning the carriage again to the initial position.

The Valor Fitness CB-12 lat pulldown machine comes in a steel framing, which has 2 inches x 2 inches – 12 gauge steel tubing. It has a contoured, tapered, high-density, dual-layer seat pad. You will even find 4 adjustment positions for the seat pad, which has a 5Inches range. In addition,, there are locking pull pins for your adjustment. Find 4 rubber base caps with measurement 3.25 Inches X 2.75 Inches. Get the front lower cable attachment for pulls, stand-up curls, or leg extensions.

To add to the features, you will also find adjustable front foot-plates required for curls, seated rows, stand-up rows, storage hooks, high tension nylon pulleys for long-term performance, and so on. With this standing cable lat pulldown machine, you will get assembly instructions as well. There is also a warranty option for its equipment:

  • Frame – 3 years
  • Padding – 2 years
  • Cables – 2 years
  • Popper Pins – 1 year

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How Is Normal Lat Pulldown Machine Different From Standing Lat Pulldown?

How Normal Lat Pulldown Machine is Different From Standing Lat Pulldown?

The role of the last pulldown machine is to pull the arms downwards and backward. In order to use the machine, you need to sit with your knees using the same under the foamed roller. Selecting the appropriate resistance would be by inserting the fix right into the weight heap.

Grasping the bar with your overhand grip would naturally make your elbows straight. However, make sure your hands remain wider than your shoulder-width spaced out. Gradually lean a bit back, but ensure you do not arch your back. Slowly bend the elbows near your waist when you start pulling the bar to the chest. Soon after, the bar touches the chest, making your elbows straight to return to the initial position.

However, to perform the exercise while standing, you require motion in both elbows and shoulders. In fact, in comparison to straight-arm pulldowns, standing pulldowns targets more on the resistance that comes from the load on your lats. This particular exercise involves the biceps, triceps, trapezius, and deltoid muscles for support.

In order to complete the movement, make sure you stand with your back straight and feet together. Using a wide grip right on the bar and then methodically pulling the same down to the chest level makes a difference.

Following this comes bending the elbows, then rotating the shoulders and holding it for a second. Soon after this slow control of the bar to return to its initial position completes the standing lat pulldown exercise.

Get yourself one to enjoy the best results of standing at a pulldown machine.

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