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5 Best Power Towers Reviews

Power Towers Machines

People who are physically fit are also healthier and are able to maintain a relaxed state of mind. A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life and is not affected by the drastic changes if they take place.

5 Best Power Towers Machines in Market

Best Selling

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

  • Body Vision PT600 Power Tower
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Weider Power Tower

  • Weider Power Tower
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Stamina 1690 Power Tower

  • Stamina 1690 Power Tower
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Body Champ Power Tower

  • Body-Solid Pro Power Rack
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X-mark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull up Bar XM-4432

  • Body Champ Power Tower
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Types of Power Tower

There are following some best power towers review that is available in the markets. You can purchase a power tower and make your room a small training area.

1. Body Vision PT600 Power Tower:

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

The power towers are popular and common nowadays. Many individuals prefer power towers because these provide the best kind of exercise. These machines are used for Push-ups, pull-ups, and core exercises which are best for building up your upper body. Therefore, for such a workout, you have to buy a power tower in which you can adjust yourself into several positions.


1. It is easy to assemble and strong.

2. It has a Slip-resistant foot grips.

3. It has Chin-up and pull-up station along with multiple grip positions.

4. It is also stable and have enough head clearance from the chin-up bar.

5. It has arm cushion which help the individual to have comfortable exercise.

6. This also has a slip-resistant foot grip as push-up bars and a height-adjustable.

7. This is the Multi-station workout tower require for working the upper and lower body.

8. Padded back and arm cushions are also present for comfort and stability of the machine.

9. It consists of Dip station for triceps, leg raise station for quads and lower abdominal part.

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2. Weider Power Tower:

Weider Power Tower

People are looking for such power towers that have an adjustable back. The adjustable back makes it easier for to hop in and take different sorts of exercises. The primary feature is the adjustable back which people search before buying the power towers.


1. It is most popular power tower.

2. It is easy to assemble and strong.

3. It has great price for high quality product.

4. Wight plates can easily store on this machine.

5. It can be installed easily as compared to other machine.

6. It is high quality product which can be buy with low price.

7. This is the only machine which come up with Olympic width.

8. Weider Power Tower is very well built up and has a solid structure.

9. This machine has an adjustable uprights and also have a safety spotter.

10. It has a comfortable and durable cushion which makes exercise easy and comfortable.

11. It has a Push-Up Station and a Padded hand grip for work your biceps, shoulders, and core of the body.

12. It consists of a dip Station, Padded hand grips, which are used to build your triceps, chest, and shoulders.

13. Sewn Vinyl Cushions are also available which are made up of comfortable material, Durable, built to last.

14. Weider Power Tower has a pull-up station, Padded hand grips which add definition to your biceps and forearms.

15. It also has Vertical Knee Raise (VKR) Station and Cushioned arm rests which are used to isolate your core to develop lean and sculpted anti-skid braking system.

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3. Stamina 1690 Power Tower:

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

The people who find difficult to find time from their busy schedule are encouraged to for buying particular kind of power towers to take exercises and keep their body flexible and healthy.

The power towers come into various shapes, design and sizes which help you to purchase the one that is best suitable for you and is according to your comfort, need, and requirement. Following are some salient features of the Stamina 1690 Power Tower.


1. It has non slip end caps.

2. It has smooth foam hand grip.

3. It is easy to assemble, stable and well built.

4. It is sturdy, economical and small footprints.

5. It is made up of tough steel frame for solid support.

6. It also supports push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and much more.

7. Wide-grip pull ups become easy because of this power tower.

8. It consists of freestanding design fits easily used in the home workout area.

9. It has arm cushion which help the individual to have comfortable exercise.

10. They are workout machine with multiple exercise stations easily used in the home.

11. Its dimension is measured as 50 x 81.5 x 41.5 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 54Lbs.

12. It is made up of the tough steel frame for solid support and there are non-slip end caps.

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4. Body Champ Power Tower:

Body Champ Power Tower

Dreaming of making a perfect body, you need to take exercise daily. The core and shoulder exercises help you to make your upper body fit and healthy. For such workout, you require a stable power tower which provides you a solid base for the exercise.


1. It is more stable and like in weight as compared to other machine.

2. Body champ power tower helps you to burn your hamstrings quickly.

3. It contains pull-up bar which builds powerful shoulders, arms, and back.

4. It is also durable and have a knee cushion which give comfortable effect.

5. It has a vertical knee raise station for leg and knee raises to make a perfect body.

6. It also helps you burn your thighs and glutes by hanging by yours toes and claves.

7. These push-up bars that help you build strong chest muscles and tone your arms as well.

8. Body champ has a dip station develops your triceps and muscles as you increase upper body strength.

9. D-Frame base for available to enhanced stability and strength which measures 58.5 by 46.5 by 83 inches (L x W x H).


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5. Stamina Power Towers:

stamina power tower


Among different types of power towers, the X Mark Power Tower is one of the best power towers available in the markets. For a perfect upper body shape and flexibility, you need to get a correct posture on the power tower. There are certain power towers which don’t provide a complete backrest to the users.


1. Its user weight capacity is 350 lb.

2. This machine should be assembling with short time.

3. Its parts are easy to assemble through bolted rather than welded.

4. It is also stable and have enough head clearance from the chin-up bar.

5. It consists of freestanding design fits easily used in the home workout area.

6. It is easy to understand instructions although it couldn’t be hard to figure out anyway.

7. It is made up of Heavy 14-gauge steel mainframe construction which is scratch resistant powder coat finish.

8. The XM-4432 includes a vertical knee raise, dip station, push-up station and a pull-up station consists of a narrow and wide grip.

9. It has an extra thick 2-inch high-density cushion and double stitched, tear-resistant Dura guard vinyl foam in the handle to provide ease and comfort.


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What is Power Tower?

Power Tower

A power tower is basically an exercise equipment which is also known as a knee raise station used to build up an upper body and abdominal muscle strength of human body. It uses your own body weight to help you build muscle in a small and manageable setup. It is a multi-functional fitness product designed to help people workout more effectively at home. As you may know, strength training is very important for fat loss as it helps to build more muscle which in turn keep your metabolism running high.

The equipment mainly consists of a backrest and forearm rests that form the chair, with vertical handle at the ends of the arm rest. The word power comes from the addition of other powerful arm exercises. For instance, for performing dips, chin ups, pull ups or deep push ups. Parallel horizontal handles are used for dips, push up handles at the bottom are used for deep push ups where pull bar is utilized for chin ups and pull ups.

Why Do You Need a Power Tower?

Fitness junkies are always looking for better and easy handle equipment for their fitness. Life would be easier if we find a single equipment which is useful for the majority of the body parts and muscle. Power tower is one of them.

How to Choose The Best Power Tower?

best power tower

Before buying a power tower machine following things should be taken into consideration. The edge ought to of the machine should be of steel development and the power tower itself is ought to be upholstered with high-density cushions. Make sure to test the backrest pad. Before buying power tower make sure it should comply with interior decoration of the room.

Size and Shape:

First thing is that we should know the size of the room in which power tower is being kept. Make sure that the power tower machine fits in your room, however, you have to make it fit correctly.

There are different kinds of styles available in the markets. You can choose any style that suits your mood, comfort, and desire. Certain Power Towers available with the adjustable sidearm, so you don’t have to consider the size factor for such machines.

Stability of Power Tower:

Stability is one the main factor of the power tower machine. If you pick the power tower machine which is light in weight you will soon realize that it can’t hold your weight which would make working with it a real pain. To make sure the setup is sturdy, and try it by yourself to get the best feeling first-hand regardless what customer has said.

Material Utilized For Building:

Another factor that should be considered is the type of material, which is used to makes up the Power Tower. The exercising machinery is commonly made up of metal. Steel is most commonly used in the construction of exercising equipment.

You should try to look out for steel material while purchasing the Power Towers. Steel is known for its elasticity and strength. Steel has several unique qualities which help the manufacturers use it excessively for building up the exercising machines. I always advised taking steel material power tower machine.

Color of The Power Tower:

The next important thing is to consider the color of the Power Tower. If your room is of bright color, make sure that the power tower should of contrasting color. Choosing power tower should complement the interior decoration of your room.

Also you can choose the color from a wide range of colors available in the markets. There is the variety of color of the Power Towers such as gray, black, dark blue, etc., and some are available in light colors like off-white and white.

Price of Power Tower Machine:

Price of Power Tower Machine

The main factor of buying power tower machine is that it should be economical and budget friendly. The prices of the machine vary depending upon the quality and stability of the power tower. If you are financially strong then you should consider the best quality regardless of its price. But never compromise on the quality of the product. Certain Power Towers are more expensive in comparison to the others that are normally accessible in the market.

Despite choosing for the price look for the quality, you can also get the same quality with few specifications in lower models, which will be just fine.If you find some difficulty even after going through the short guide and unable to make the right choice, you can check the reviews of the best power tower. The customers and professional’s feedback is usually a rich source of information that helps during your decision-making process.


Through the above discussion it is clear that there are different types of power tower available in the market and also it depends upon the usage. Also you have to make sure that how much money you would like to spend on yours pull up stand.

As all of the power tower machine is made by trusted manufactured and are of high quality. Anyway, the best buy is definitely Body Vision PT600 or Weider Power Tower since they comes with the most features and also most popular, but if the price is important than Stamina 1690 is the best option to choose.

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