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Lat Pulldown

2 Lat Pulley Attachments To Buy

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Lat Pulley Attachments

A high Lat pulley machine is a great addition to home as well as a gym. It gives entirely new look and proves to be a perfect addition to practicing a variety of exercises.A trainer is not only able to blast back by performing exercise with lat pulldown but can host constant tension workout moves including upright rows, cable curls, and triceps pushdown.

For the quality and dedicated exercise, Lat Pulley provides exceptional service. Workout with Lat machine is more useful and beneficial if you will make use of attachments. So get to know the lat pulldown benefits and exercises which you can perform with attachments.

2 Best Lat Pulley Attachments Reviews

1. Spud Econo Pulley For Lat Pulldown Machine:

Spud Econo Pulley For Lat Pulldown Machine

One of the inexpensive equipment is Spud Econo Pulley used for Lat Pulldown machine. Now you can smash your triceps, upper back or lats with inexpensive and straightforward Spud Econo Pulley. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on any fancy machine because the additional attachment will surely serve a great purpose. A variety of bands, weights, and even chains can be used to perform many exercises. It is designed for use in power rack.By using extra Tricep attachment of Lat Pulley, you will avail maximum benefits. These benefits will make your lats oversized. This machine can make even a local gym best because any exercise can be performed with the extra attachments. However, spud system can easily fit in your bag and is priced within your budget.

 Features :

  • 18-inch loading strap will hold at least 45 pounds of plates
  • Ab strap and short triceps
  • A pulley along with cable will also be available
  • 3/8 inches spring clips
  • Hold up to 550 pounds
  • Total length from loading strap at the end of triceps strap

All of the accessories can easily be attached to a wooden, steel or a power rack. The pull-up bar can be used indoor as well as outdoor. It can even hang from a tree limb.



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2.POWER GUIDANCE Tricep Press Down Cable:

POWER GUIDANCE Combo Tricep Press Down Cable Attachment (V Handle+Tricep Rope+Rotating Bar+V-Shaped Bar)

POWER GUIDANCE Tricep Press Down Cable which is a perfect  for a professional gym. The is ideal for many trainers and allows user to build a variety of muscles. You can exercise with both arms at a single time. The product features rubber hand grips, chrome finish and solid steel construction for durability or long term use.

The rubber grips help the user to have a tight grip. Solid steel construction along with hand grips is designed for upright and low row exercises. It offers better gripping power and has a high-end look. 


  • It helps to improve the grip strength
  • Makes the forearm development much better
  • Allows you to perform lots of exercises
  • Made up of solid steel for durability
  • Rubber grips for the firm grip or hold
  • Perfect for the exercise for back muscle
  • Material is Chrome plated to avoid any rusting.
  • Made of heavy-duty black nylon braided rope with solid rubber ends.
  •  The straight bar features solid steel construction & swivel hanger & textured rubber coating handle.
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Lat Pulldown Benefits:

The multi-purpose machine provides uncountable benefits and allows the user to avail uncountable benefits with cable exercise. Even with basic pulldown trainers can perform upright rowing, seated rowing, cable curls and triceps pushdowns. This allows user to expand, contract and stretch muscles of upper body just in a right way.

The equipment’s and attachments used with cable resistance is to perform exercises. They will provide constant resistance to the lower as well as upper body. Maximum tension is put on muscle and by using cables you can be able to be in proper motion.

Get Maximum Fitness With Lat Pulldown:

Lat pulldown machine provides ultimate fitness in many ways. It offers Multiple workouts with one machine

A multi-joint exercise involves movements of various muscles including forearms, shoulders, and elbows. Different parts and muscles of the upper body need to work together. The back muscle, rear delts, traps, rhomboids, and biceps will remain active during exercise.

Make Less Effort:

Less effort does not mean that you have to exercise less. There are countless benefits if you use machine efficiently. A user can perform pull-ups and does not need to lift heavy weight sand get maximum result. All you need is to set on bench and then have to pull yourself towards bar.

Enjoy Variety Of Exercises:

With availability of different types of exercises, you can never get bored because it offers a range of activities. So you can try any type of challenge or exercise with yourself.

Cable Attachments  Of Lat Pulley:

A variety of cable accessories is available for Lat Pulley. The similar units like workout buffs, Smith machines, and athletes use to enhance the workout for the particular muscular part. The cable attachment provides a unique angle which allows you to work on various muscles.

A person can work on triceps and biceps by holding cable in front or above head. So get to know about 2 Lat pulley attachments which will improve your fitness.



So avail the chance to improve your lifestyle with Spud and Double D attachment. These necessary equipment are ideal for building and strengthening muscles. It is optimal for diversifying core work. If you want to give uniformity to your muscle and improve the development, then the features of these cable attachment ensure to keep you fit and healthy.

These accessories are ideal to be used in the professional gym or home. The steel structure and ultimate construction minimize the chances of injury. It leaves a person healthy and helps to work in a great way. Even if you are a beginner, these accessories or extra attachments would prove to be ideal for you.

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