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8 Best Lat Pulley Attachments 2022 For Sale – Buyer’s Guide & Review

Lat Pulley Attachment

8 Best Lat Pulley Attachments 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide

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1. Mikolo Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System:


  • Pull down and Lift up.
  • Included professional gym cable attachment – Straight Bar and Tricep Rope.
  • Includes 78-inch and 90-inch high-strength sheathed cables, provides more cable length options to meet your needs, and also maintains strength, durability, and smooth running. A silent pulley made of special heavy-duty steel ensures no extra noise during the operation.
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2. Fueti Pulley Tricep Cable Attachment:


  • Cable attachments are designed for use with weight training machines.
  • Resistance bands for home gym and cable machines, Bowflex machine, smith machine, fitness machines, exercise pulldowns.
  • It allows you to train biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back. Such as Biceps Curl, Triceps Pull Down, Lat Pull Down, Row, Fly.
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3. Clothink Cable Pulley System Cable Machine:


  • Silent cable wheels are made of special heavy-duty steel to ensure that no additional noise is generated during operation.
  • Pull-down and lift, it can train biceps flexion, triceps pull-down, LAT pull-down, and expand professional fitness exercise equipment.
  • You only need to carry out the appropriate repeat ups and downs to pull the load tray, so you can effectively improve the strength of your hands, wrists, and forearms, you can make your wrists, back, shoulders, forearms, and trunk muscle growth
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4. Alrigon 3 in 1 Pulley Cable System


  • Alrigon LAT and Lift Pulley System support two functional exercise modes
  • Includes a 79 high-strength sheathed cable for maintaining strength, durability, and smooth operation.
  • Our tricep pulley system is economical and practical,and is easy to assemble and use. 
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5. SYKJDM LAT Pulldown Attachments:


  • It Is Made Of Heavy-Duty Steel and is an Excellent Durable Type, Suitable For Home Fitness Exercises.
  • Lat Pulldown Machine with a smooth rotating handle, you can perform more comprehensive exercises.
  • This multifunctional D-shaped cable handle can be used to perform exercise equipment operations such as biceps bending, cable cutting, single-arm strokes, tricep rope, cable crossover machine, and triceps pull-down exercises.
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6. Yes4All Cable Pulley Attachment:


  • The single set includes a 1x steel pulley, 1x steel cable, 1x handle strap, 2x carabiners, and 1x loading pin strap, providing great versatility for your home gyms.
  • Both sets feature high-quality steel pulley systems that are durable and highly practical.
  • Supporting up to an amazing 400lbs of weight with the weight loading pin strap. 
  • Multiple toolsets enable you to mix and choose your very own way to train.
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7. Yes4All Seated Row Double D Handle Cable Attachment:


  •  The perfect dimension provides comfort during your workout, fits well in your palm.
  • Made of top-quality steel with a chrome finish to prevent the grip from corrosion and rust. Support up to 880 lbs (400 kg).
  • Steel swivel is engineered to provide smooth continuous rotation under your most punishing workouts.
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8. LAT Pulldown Attachments for Gym – Cable Machine Attachment Set


  • Unlock a wide range of exercises with just three cable machine attachments.
  • Designed with 360° rotation for easy continuous movement, this V handle cable attachment features knurled grips for sturdy hold and to prevent slipping.
  • Heavy-duty nylon braided tricep rope cable attachment with non-slip rubber ends for a comfortable grip, standard length 27″.
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