4 Possible Lat Pulldown Alternative


Many of us think that machines are the foolproof or ideal way to tone down our body. However, it must be mentioned that they are not always the safest way. There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to machines. Research says that they, in fact, contribute to injuries.

Those injuries that you must be trying to avoid so long. But, to be honest there are machines, which if handled properly with due instructions can certainly show wonders. Say for example our very own lat pulldown machine.

As discussed in our earlier posts Top 3 Best Lat Pulldown Machine, this machine targets our lattisimus Dorsi muscles to strengthen the back, arms and shoulders. Depending on current strength levels and requirements of your body, this type of machine can be used.

Now if you want to get introduced to the possible lat pulldown alternatives then, then there are lots to know. No wonder, there are alternative exercises to the gym machines if you really want to know.

1. Seated Cable Row Instead Of Lat Pulldowns:

Body-Solid Seated Row Machine This is a plate-loaded commercial gym machine that plays an important role to replicate the natural movement without even restricting the range of motions. This kind of pulling exercise stimulates your muscles thereby making your shoulders strong.

Low bar pull-ups, another possible Lat Pulldown alternative. In this exercise, all you have to do is put a barbell right in your squat rack or power pack at a particular height. This will let you hang right from the bar almost in a seated posture.

You can then put a stool or a bench in order to allow your foot on the bench. If you see yourself in a mirror, you will find yourself in an ‘L’ shape. In fact, your lower body’s weight is supported by the stool you have placed. This helps in easier pull-ups.

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2. Pullups – One Of The Best Possible Alternative To Lat Pulldown:

41pBCME1z0LThis exercise targets the same muscles just like the lat pulldown does. To ensure that you have targeted the lats or latissimus dorsi muscles, try grasping an overhead rod/bar with your hands. Make sure you have hands kept wider than the shoulder width at a distance.

Assume that there is an overhand grip then lift legs off from the floor, gradually bend elbows and immediately pull yourself upwards until chin reaches the rod/bar. Slowly lower yourself to your straight-arm position and keep repeating the same until you are tired.

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3. Barbell Pullover – Another Alternative To Lat Pulldown:

Barbell Pullover - Another Alternative To Lat PulldownJust lie on a bench with your upper back. Make sure the bench where you are lying supports your neck. Whereas your head should be a bit slightly off your bench. Firmly place your foot on the floor in order to hold your lower back.

Now hold the weight/barbell right over the chest with arms slightly bent with palms on front. This would be the starting position. With a slight bend in elbows, gradually lower the rod/bar over the head. You will do this until the upper arms can be seen parallel to the floor. To build the strength and increase your stamina perform 2 – 3 sets in a day.

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The Alteration From Commercial To Garage Gym – Dumbbells – BarBells:

For example, if you want to make an alteration from the commercial gym to garage gym then you can experience what people say “machine withdrawal”. This term points out that time when people used to utilize a mechanism for a picky exercise instead of using free weights.

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Now, when you start looking for it, you see you are at lost as it is missing. Well, if you have lost this and want a lat pulldown alternative then dumbbells and barbells can be a good option. The difference will be the free-weight alternative that would be by far the superior when compared with the machine movement.

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Also to know more about lat pulldowns check out the difference Between Close Grip vs Wide Grip Lat Pulldown. or if you not satisfied with lat pulldown alternative then click here to find out a comparison of lat pulldown machines.

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