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Lat Pulldown

How to Make Lat Pulldown Machine? – A Complete Guide

Lat Pull Down

Homemade Lat Pulldown Machine

By now, you must have got a thorough idea on what a lat pulldown machine is and how useful it is for the lat muscles. Known as one of the glamorous exercises all across, lat pulldowns has been doing wonders on the users. It is the coordination with the trainers and the machine that gives rise to excellent results.

The best part of the lat pulldown cable machine is, it does not exude fierceness or rawness like dead hang pull-up or bent-over row. It is perhaps the most simple machine in the list of pulldown cable machines.

As lat pulldowns are pretty expensive and heavy, people tend to create similar patterned machines for their home use. True, instead of purchasing expensive ones, it would be easier to create DIY lat pulldown machine. In fact, similar exercises can be done in an inexpensive way.

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How to Make Lat Pulldown Machine?

When some Buy Resistant Bands, Some Follow Other Mediums To Perform lat Pulldown Exercises. Here Are A Few Instructions That Can Be Followed:

  • First, you drill a proper hole up almost right into the ceiling beam. Then using a nail drill a bit almost smaller than the threaded end of your bicycle’s look. Now insert your bicycle hook right into the hole and keep turning the same clockwise until it is tight.
  • Now fix a handle at the ends of the straight arm lat pulldown resistance bands. This attachment should be done by pressing inside the clip and then sliding it above the hook almost at the bands’ ends. However, if the handles are already fixed to your resistance bands, you can skip this step.
  • Then loop your straight arm lat pulldown resistance band over the bicycle hook. Soon after this with each hand, grip a handle until you can stretch the bands to some extent. Make sure the open end of the bicycle hook is not in front of your face. This would ensure that your resistance bands hold securely.
  • Start rotating your hands, which would make your palms facing downwards. Then pull your resistance bands down past your waist. Now, to initiate with the reverse grip pulldown, make sure you turn your hands gradually, which will make your palms face upwards.


Budget Constraints:

A short research has come up saying that people have been buying fitness equipment for their home gym or maybe for commercial gym use. A few of them faced budget constraints while maintaining them.

In fact, they went out of business and they ended up selling off on craigslist. After researching on the internet in regard to ideas of how to make homemade lat pulldown machines, there were no such monetary constraints.

Some of them had ideas on making power tools and woodworking and in addition to internet ideas they could create pro ones but of course homemade. They shared their ideas, where they mentioned that they used to save pipes of small lengths, bolts, scrap ends, screws and so on.

These were collected from different home improvement projects.  On the whole, the entire thing was within budget and the process was quite smooth to carry forward.

Homemade Lat Machine Or Purchased – Which To Choose From?

It is seen that people want quick buck into the fitness industry. This can happen only when the latest exercise equipment/gadgets are at your store. There are people who love buying such equipment.

So they either concentrate on purchasing them or have a notion to prepare similar machines at home. If you are planning to purchase lat pulldown machines online, make sure you buy the best among the rest. Read this article on Get Best Lat Pulldown Bar For You to get some ideas.

There can be problems while using such machines when purchased online. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages for both.  When some feel comfortable performing on the purchased ones, others feel comfy with the customized or homemade lat pulldown machines.

Some find the machine to be extremely costly to bear it while some look for the machines available at expensive rates. As eCommerce market is ruling these days, purchasing such equipment at inexpensive rates is no big deal. However, taste matters from individual to individual. So, there are people who take interest in making homemade lat pulldown machines for themselves.

List Of Materials Required For Making Homemade Lat Pulldown Machine:

  • One 1-1/2Inches x 48Inches – 11 gauge steel tube
  • Two 5/16Inches x 19Inches chains
  • Three 3/8Inches x 5Inches eyebolts
  • Two 3/4Inches x 5Inches black pipe nipples
  • Grip of a tennis racket handle in order to get a cushioned feel
  • 3/8Inches nuts, wing nuts, lock washers and flat washer

Making a homemade lat pulldown bar is no tough if you use all these above materials. So, what are you planning to do? You can also read our other articles on 4 Possible Lat Pulldown Alternative and 3 Benefits for Straight Arm Lat Pulldown and choose the one that suits the best.


Anyway, for the funniest part, I’m adding few best and unusual videos people make at home. You will love them: My favourite is #4 😀

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