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Gazelle Supreme Step Machine 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Step Machine
Gazelle Supreme Step Machine

Do You Think You Do The Necessary Physical Activity During Your Day To Day Routine?

Physical fitness is of utmost importance for everyone who want to relish the beautiful moments of life with a happy mind and sound body.

How Home Exercise Equipment Helps?

Gazelle Supreme Step Machine

With the progression of technology, our lives have become busier than ever. For a single job, you find several qualified candidates competing with each other on daily basis. To outshine among all your competitors, you put all your efforts in work, neglecting your physical health most of the time. Home exercise equipment make it easy for you to generate time for your workout routine.

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When you decide to finally get yourself a fitness equipment to help you work out at home, you need to choose from countless products which is why doing a proper research is crucial. The Gazelle Supreme Step Machine is definitely among one of those fitness machines that are worth the investment.

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What Is The Gazelle Supreme Step Machine?

What Is The Gazelle Supreme Step Machine?

The famous Gazelle machines were developed by the certified personal trainer Tony Little who happened to be the former bodybuilding champion. After meeting a fatal accident, Tony Little kept in mind the needs of people suffering from cardio-vascular health problems while making Gazelle machines. The Gazelle machines offer in house training equipment with several different exercise programs.

The Gazelle Supreme step machine enables you to achieve a toned and fitter body by working out on all your muscle groups. Being a low impact machine, Gazelle supreme does not prove to be hard on your joints and keep you save from muscle fatigue. This easy to use machine allows users to lose weight and tone their muscles while improving their cardiovascular fitness.

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Prominent Features Of The Gazelle Supreme Step Machine:

Being a versatile fitness equipment, Gazelle Supreme step machine comes in handy not only for experienced fitness fanatics but also for the beginners. Here is an overview of the valuable features provided by the Gazelle Supreme.

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  • Keeps the intensity pf workout regulated with its power pistons.
  • In one workout, you can get 10 different exercise routines using the Gazelle Supreme.
  • It has a dual action split suspension that lets the user to perform different type of exercise movements.
  • Comes with a built-in computer, give you the complete detail of your workout including the number of burned calories.
  • Monitors your heart rate with the integrated handlebar.
  • The lightweight design of the machine has wide and skid-resistant foot platforms which ensure maximum stability.
  • Easy to keep at your home since the machine can be effortlessly folded.
  • It has a dimension of44 x 31.5 x 55 inches.
  • Gazelle Supreme can carry 300 lbs. And has a product weight of 57.5 lbs.



How Does The Gazelle Supreme Step Machine Work? A Guide For Beginners?

Here Are A Few Points Which Will Prove To Be Helpful For The Beginners:

  • User can avail of aerobic and muscle fitness resistance training along with the advantages of walking, stretching, running, aerobic dancing and cross-country skiing.
  • The kit which comes with Gazelle Supreme has 3 workout DVDs which include Total Body Workout, Tony Little’s Quick Shape Workout, and Tony Little’s Ultimate Body & Mind Workout.
  • Gazelle Supreme provides a superior range of stair-stepping motion. With its patented dual pivot system, you can move your legs independently.
  • It has soft glide technology which ensures reduced impact on your joints.
  • Users can accomplish challenging workouts using Gazelle Supreme due to the power pistons in hydraulic cylinders provided in the machine.
  • Users can target specific muscles and can work out in different ways just by changing the standing position on the foot plates of the Gazelle Supreme. For instance, by increasing weight on your toes, you can put strain on your calf muscle.
  • The Gazelle Supreme helps you work on your inner and outer thighs, all you have to do is stand slightly sideways.
  • If you want to increase muscle use of your leg, you need to move the levers by moving the pedals without using your arms.
  • The Gazelle Supreme can move smoothly without manual adjustments. You can move from an easy to hard exercise easily due to its gliding action.


The Pros Of The Gazelle Supreme Step Machine Are Given Below:

  • It comes with a grip pulse to let users know about their heart rate. The built in computer keeps record of stepping step, taping distance travelled, burned calories and the time on the go.
  • Hassle-free to operate and easily foldable.
  • Doesn’t produce sound during workouts and tones the major muscles.
  • Its split suspension provides a total workout.
  • The hydraulic system in the machine offers varied resistance which challenges the muscles.
  • Comes with an exercise chart and a nutrition guide.
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A Final Word:

To be fair, Gazelle Supreme is absolutely worth your investment. It provides a great muscle workout that would be appreciated by every fitness enthusiast.

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