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Gazelle Glider Exercise Machine 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Gazelle Glider Exercise Machine

Keeping in mind the hectic schedule and busy lives we lead every day, taking good care of our mental and physical health is crucial. We often don’t contemplate the amount of stress we are in due to our day to day routine. To keep your mind in peace and body healthy, exercise is the one option which always works.

Being a personal trainer and a former bodybuilder, Tony Little introduced the world with the idea of the Gazelle machines which provide you to do cardiovascular exercises in the best way possible.

Looking for an equipment to add in your home gym? The one machine you must need to consider is Gazelle Glider Exercise Machine which allows you to do different exercise and that too being low-impact and gentle for your body.

Gazelle Glider Exercise Machine

The Gazelle Edge Exercise Glider is designed to deliver all the low impact exercise advantages of a standard elliptical trainer, without being impeded by stride length. The machine is relatively gentle on the knees, ankles and other joints and ligaments.

This review of Gazelle Edge Exercise Glider takes a look at some of these exclusive exercise options in more detail, as well as the specific features of the machine and other upgrade options it provides.

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Design Features:

The Gazelle Glider Exercise equipment offers several useful features and make your workout routine improved and balance. Here is a quick overview of all the features which the Gazelle Glider exercise machine has:

  • The machine has a range of motion that sets it apart from other type of cardio equipment but it also have some similarities with elliptical trainers.
  • The backwards and forwards motion of the foot pedals and handles is modeled to give users the feeling of cross-country skiing.
  • The Gazelle Glider successfully creates a full body workout.
  • The patented self-centering design permits you to position yourself to glide through three different planes of motion.
  • The machine basically lets you choose from a neutral (upright) position to leaning forwards and leaning backwards, depending on the muscle groups you aim to target. It is a low impact cardiovascular and resistance workout that helps to decrease body fat and also tones muscles.
  • The machine offers positions that helps to burn calories while reducing pressure on your knees and hip joints.
  • After you complete your workout, you can even fold the frame flat to be carried away between workouts.

Display Console Design:

Keeping the record of your workout is one of the most essential part of your exercise routine, the Gazelle Edge Exercise Glider has a fitness computer which does an excellent job of displaying important workout information.

This information includes your calories burned, time spent exercising, and virtual distance travelled. This data is still extremely useful. For instance, the distance covered can be measured against your time consumed exercising to gain an insight into your current level of fitness. To improve your future workouts, you can then set a measurable target according to your preference.


How does The Tony Little Gazelle Edge Glider Work?


Here Are A Few Points Which Will Give You An Insight About The Working of The Machine:

  • The machine allows the user to keep their angle of movement well adjusted. Users can lean in forward and backward direct or can stay in an upright position while performing exercise.
  • It lets user chose the stride length which shows that this machine is valuable for users of variety of heights
  • The machine contributes enormously in improving your fitness.
  • It assists the users in their weight loss journey.

Gazelle Edge Glider Exercise and Workouts


For users who prefer using their body weight for the purpose pf resistance, the Edge Glider is the best choice for them and can be used by people of any age. No matter, you are a fitness freak or just a beginner in the world of fitness, this machine is equally valuable for everyone.

Here Are A Few Options Offered By The Machine:

1.Basic Glide:

In the basic glide, you only have to move foot supports in both backward and forward direction. While moving the foot supports, keep the motion in a limited range. The basic glide is ideal for those who are looking for workouts of lower intensity or want to warm up.

2. Wide Glide:

The wide glide is a variation of the basic glide, one which increases the range of motion and makes it to the running pace. This makes the user to lift up their feet, engaging more of the calf muscles in the workout.

3. High Glide:

The high glide allows users to burn most of their calories with an increased intensity. You can keep your upper and lower body muscles engaged in the exercise just by moving your feet in backward and forward direction.


The Advantages Of The Machine Are Written As Follows:

  • Attached computer which gives brief information about distance, time and speed along with the approximated amount of calories burned during the workout.
  • The machine has patented, dual action spilt suspension. This enables user to have a freedom of movement, giving them a complete range of motion.
  • The machine has extra wide and nonskid foot platforms which provide stability to the users.
  • Easily foldable which makes it hassle-free to keep at your home.
  • Handle bars are designed in a way that they provide extra comfort to the users.
  • The machine gives you a chance of performing aerobic workouts being a low impact equipment.
  • It enables users to keep going from a slow walk to a run without jerking or stopping suddenly in the middle.
  • Provides absolutely smooth and quite fitness routine and is perfect for people of all ages.
  • The DVD that comes with the machine is immensely helpful, particularly for your full body workout routine.

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One thing which can be improved in the machine is the calorie measurement. As it gives an approximate value of burned calories, not an exact one. Nonetheless, the machine is super beneficial for burning calories and losing weight.

A Final World:

The Gazelle Machines include different variation including Gazelle Edge, Gazelle Freestyle, and Gazelle Supreme etc. The Gazelle Glider aims to provide to users a full body workout routine, improving their cardiovascular health.

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