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Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine
Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine

Are You A Fitness Enthusiast? Do You Give Importance To Your Physical Fitness?

Anyone who wants to enjoy life to its fullest requires health to do so. Be it mental or physical fitness, one needs to put an extra effort to keep a balance in this stressful, tech-influenced era.

When you stay fit, you become less vulnerable to medical conditions. By exercising regularly, one can function properly, can maintain ideal weight for the body and most importantly can avoid cardiovascular and other damaging health problems.

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How Can You Stay Physically Fit?

Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine

For being physically fit, you need to avoid junk foods and fizzy drinks. You have to keep your sleeping pattern balanced. But, the most crucial thing, you need to do is exercise. Keeping the busy schedules in mind, making time for the required exercise may not be easy.

This is the reason for the popularity of home exercise equipment which help you in doing workouts at home. While purchasing fitness equipment, you need to research properly so that you don’t regret buying a pricey machine which is not according to your requirements.

Want to make the most of your money? One fine choice of an exercise equipment, utterly suitable for using at home is the Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine which keeps you fit by helping you burn calories.

What Is The Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine?

Gazelle machines are developed by the reputable Tony Little, the former bodybuilder and a personal trainer. Tony Little came up with the idea of Gazelle machines after meeting a tragic car accident. The three different models of Gazelle line are:

  • Gazelle Supreme
  • Gazelle Freestyle
  • Gazelle Edge

The Gazelle Freestyle machine comes with several valuable features and has a heavier construction as compared to the Gazelle Edge. It has an integrated fitness computer, workout DVDs which provide instructions. You can perform ten different exercises using the Gazelle Freestyle.

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Key Features Of The Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine:

Here Is A Brief Summary Of The features Provided By The Gazelle Freestyle Machine:

  • Built with 2” diameter steel bars.
  • The thumb pulse monitor incorporated in it keeps you updated about your pulse rate.
  • Ensures enhanced stability while exercising by the help of its extra wide and non-skid foot platforms.
  • The machine has padded, high density hand levers that provide supreme comfort to your hands while workouts.
  • It has inbuilt computer that keeps you informed about burned calories, time and speed.
  • Easy to fold, makes storage stress-free.
  • It has a dimension of 44 x 33.5 x 53.5 inches.
  • Gazelle Freestyle can carry 300 lbs. And has a product weight of 51.9 lbs.

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How Does the Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine Work? A Guide for Beginners:

Here Is A Quick Guide For The Beginners:

  • The machine comes with a detailed information with relevant pictures which makes is quite easy to bring together. Start by assembling the frame on the floor as per instructions.
  • The Gazelle Freestyle operates by providing support to your feet on mobile platform, having upright handles for your grasp.
  • It gives you a first-rate full body workout by letting you swing your arms and legs in smooth, low-impact motion.
  • User can target all his/her efforts on either at the upper or at the lower part of the body just by changing the way user grasps the handles. Thighs, back, arms and calves all get involved while using Gazelle Freestyle machine.
  • Provides an excellent way of motion, subjecting your joints to minimal stress. This make it useful for different range of users, including those who have any medical conditions. (But, if you are medically unfit in any way, seek professional exercise before purchasing any exercise equipment).
  • From the basic glide to the power glide, Gazelle Freestyle provides 10 unique exercises. It enables users to go from walking to running without much hassle.
  • User can control the degree of the muscle involvement in a particular exercise. All you have to do is change the position of your grip on the handle bars.


An Overview Of The Advantages Provided By The Gazelle Freestyle Machine Are Given As Follows:

  • The handlebars are designed in a way that even long workout sessions become easy to follow.
  • The non-skid plastic material of the foot platforms prevents the user from sleeping during an exercise session.
  • Extra wide foot platforms allows people of every size to fit on the machine.
  • Rises aerobic fitness level.
  • Tones your muscles.
  • Burns calories commendably and improves cardiovascular stamina.


  • It may produce a squeaky noise after being used for a while.

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The above-mentioned characteristics prove the usefulness of the Gazelle Freestyle Step machine. The machine is best for someone who is looking for cardio workouts. Since it increases your heart rate without giving you muscle fatigue.

With the ability of the machine to target the muscles which user wants to work out, Gazelle Freestyle machines are highly recommended for any fitness enthusiast.

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