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Homemade DIY Squat Rack in 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

Diy Squat Rack

Considering the busy schedule we all lead in our daily routine, the time taken to travel to the local workout center seems to affect the daily workout routine session with DIY squat rack. Have you grown fed up with the hustle-bustle of a commercial gym? Do you get the feeling that going and coming back to the gym takes unnecessary time of your busy schedule?

Ever wonder how hassle-free it would be to have all the necessary equipment required for your fitness routine at home? If yes, then this is definitely the time to consider maintaining your own personal home gym. Before you start walking down the path of creating a personal home gym, remember that you need to make wise choices.

A number of fitness enthusiasts have invested their hard-earned money in making over-expensive purchases on exercise machines. If you are from that category of people who enjoy working out on their own, then having a home gym with a squat rack would lift your mood up instantly.

What is a Squat Rack?

Getting a squat rack for your home gym can be a bit of an investment because it enables you to do additional training, safety, and flexibility in your workout routine. For instance, without a squat rack, you may have to perform a power clean in case you want to perform overhead presses.

Doing back squats becomes difficult if you don’t have a squat rack. A rack surely gives you extra latitude while doing a selection of exercises. While working out, fitness junkies get the urge of lifting heavyweight, but doing so may get particularly dangerous without a spotter.

The specialty of a squat rack is that with the proper placement and adjustment of safety mechanisms, people can do almost any kind of exercise without jeopardizing their safety with absolutely no need for a spotter. Most gyms have the proper equipment of squat rack, but among home gym exercise machines many options are available at moderate and reasonable prices.

How Can a Homemade Squat Rack Be Made?

While some people prefer to purchase high-quality, expensive squat racks available in the market, some solely wish to create one on their own which can give the same result but in a highly budget-friendly manner. Here, we have mentioned how a homemade squat rack can be made:

List of Materials That Are Needed for Making Homemade Squat Rack

Here is a list of things you need to have while making the DIY squat rack:

Two Paint Buckets (5 gallons each)

1. One bag of Quikrete Concrete Mix (60 lbs. in weight).

2. One box of 10D 3 inch nails.

3. Wood glue.

4. Hammer.

5. Saw.

6. Stirring rod.

7. Six 2×4’s.

Note: Measure to the point which is right below your shoulder. Cut into two pieces of that particular length. Add two more inches to that length and then cut into two more pieces. Now, subtract two inches from your shoulder height.

Cut into two pieces of that length. In the end, you would have three short, medium, and long pieces. If you face difficulty in this particular step, you can get it cut from a workshop or from a home depot.

Steps Required to Complete the Whole Process:

Here are the instructions that you need to follow step by step:

Step # 1:

First of all you need to take the longest board and lay it on the ground.
Coat the longest board with glue and take your shoulder height board (the one which is of medium length). Now keep the board of the longest one and carefully line up the ends of both the boards.

Step # 2:

The next thing you are required to do is combine the boards together with the help of nails. Put three nails at each end.Keep the spacing between the nails even.


Step # 3:

Now, take your other shoulder height (long board) combo and put glue on it.
Nail the longer and shortest board just in the same manner as mentioned in step # 2.

Step # 4:

After following all the above steps, now you should have a pillar that should appear to be sandwiched.
The pillar should have the capability to stand on its own. This means that you have lined up the boards without any error.

Step # 5:

Now, repeat all the step for you remaining three 2×4’s.

Step # 6:

After completing the above five steps, your homemade squat rack model is now ready for the concrete.

1. When you are certain that the pillars are balanced and leveled, add water. (Refrain from using too little water. Add sufficient quantity of water).

2. Take one pillar and place it in a bucket of 5 gallon paint.

3. Place another pillar in another bucket and dump in concrete.

4. Keep them levelled.

5. Pour half of the 60lb concrete mix bag.

Step # 7:

Blend well using the stirring rod.
Ensure that the mixture is well combined. This helps in making the squat rack model stronger after drying.

Step # 8:

Let the model dry for at least a day.
You can put something on the notch to keep the model stable and leveled while it is drying.

Step # 9:

Test the homemade squat rack you have just made before starting your usual workouts.
Here is the final look at your DIY homemade squat rack!

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A Final Word!

If you genuinely start taking on the concept of creating a home gym, you might end up buying the equipment which are not worth your investment. Therefore, always do proper research while making a purchase for your fitness routine.

Some people may find it a bit harder to make a homemade squat rack which is why they need to do proper research on the best squat rack available in the market. While others may feel it convenient and super cheap to make one at home. The homemade squat rack may not give you results exactly similar to the ones available in the market but they still prove to be highly valuable.