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Top 3 Best Close Grip Lat Pulldown Machines 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldown machine is one of the most popular products used in gyms and clubs. Research says, in comparison to the last couple of years, this year people have been crazy about performing exercises on this. The reason is due to its simplest ways to mold one’s body.

As discussed earlier lat machine targets the latissimus dorsi muscles or lats of our back. Lats are broad large muscles, which helps in creating the V-shaped back. Most bodybuilders look upon such exercises. However, you can also focus on the same with the motive of strengthening the muscles on your back, arms, and shoulders.

Performing lat pulldown exercises will be easier if you concentrate on the techniques and grips to take, and so on. Now, if you are a pro or maybe a starter, get a basic idea of the grips in particular.

This is important as the primary of this exercise is the grip. If you plan to choose a close grip lat pulldown machine, then make sure you consult professional trainers. You can certainly read the review to get an idea of it.

Important Read:

Make sure you follow the exercise instructions before you begin with the regime. First and foremost select the weight of your comfort, with a neutral grip grasping the bar, facing your palms inward. Keep your arms extended and sit down. Make sure you sit straight upright so that your eyes face forward.

By keeping the body still, gradually pull the bar down until it hits the upper area of your chest. Then lower the weight slowly back on the preliminary position. The weight should not drop and then repeat the process as instructed by your trainer. Most importantly as the grip plays a very important role, you must know its advantages and disadvantages before you start.

Machines To Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Let’s introduce the best lat pulldown machines appropriate for close grip exercises. All these three comes with different features and benefits. Each of them is rated as the best amongst the rest. To be precise, you get to know about a variety of lat pulldown products in this health sector.

People use such products for building muscles, maintain and look forward to the betterment of their health. Many of you must be thinking that such products are only used inside the periphery of the gym, which is not. The outlook has changed, you can get such machines online for your home as well. Now, a part of your home can be easily turned into a gym.

3 Best Close Grip Lat Pulldown Machines For Sale 2022 – Buying Guide

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1. Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine:



In this genre, Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine happens to be one of the most popular lat pulldowns. In comparison to others, the price of this is quite nominal and cheap. So there is no reason to panic as you might have had a different idea earlier. No wonder you can afford its services and maintenance after purchasing the product for your home.

This particular machine performs different kinds of body-building exercises for the upper part of your body. They are mainly seated rows, lat pulldowns, upright rows, triceps press down and so on. No wonder this would be one of the best close grip lat pulldown machines for you.

It comes with dual-position 8-inch foam rollers for you to hold. It has patented nylon brushes so that you can use the same for smooth operation. It’s usually termed as a free-weight machine that mainly targets the upper portion of body muscles.

Best for accelerating your body endurance, muscle mass, and strength. This machine comes with different accessories like a champion cable attachment pack, a champion barbell single chrome handle, and so on.


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2. Valor Fitness CB-12 – Plate Loading Lat Pulldown Machine:



When it comes to the performance of Valor Fitness CB-12 – Plate loading machine, it is undoubtedly a great idea to have it either at the gym or at home or club. Make sure you invest in something that not just goes with the genre but is useful in many ways. It should be worth investing in when you choose this machine. To keep your muscular system active, Valor Fitness CB-12 is the right option.

It comes in a steel frame with a measurement of 2 Inches x 2 Inches and a 12 Inches gauge steel tubing. Other additional features include its 4 rubber base caps with 3.25 inches x 2.75 inches, high stress and strong nylon wheel, and 4 adjusted positions for the seat pads. For standing rows, seated rows, or swirls, there is an adaptable front footplate. You will receive locking pull pins for your adjustments.

Its CB-12 characteristics play a vital role in the entire mechanism. The physical exercises included Lat Pull Down, Seated Row, Standing Arm Curls, Tricep Pull Down, Upright Row, Abdominal Crunches, and Standing Leg Extensions. There is plate storage at the back end that secures keeping the home plates entirely off the floor. The machine has a contoured, dual-layer, and thick seat pad.


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3. XMark Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine XM-7618:



As with other Lat pulldown machines, Xmark Lat Pulldown with low row cable machine XM-7618 targets to strengthen your upper back, arms, and shoulders. Using this particular machine would help you do a well-balanced blend of exercises.

The XMark XM-7618 machine is created using commercial 11 gauge 2 Inches x 3Inches steel with nylon coating aircraft cables. It has extra-thick almost 3 Inches Duracraft cushion and a flip-up footplate with two 14Inches chrome Olympic sleeve adaptors and a low row bar.

The XMark Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine includes skid-resistant feet, tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl, baked powder coat finish, and an overall scratch-free base. The best part of this machine is it is supported by a warranty and also guarantees worry-free use. Bars included for low rows, lat pulldowns, tricep presses, shrugs, and bicep curls.

Use this for your close grip lat pulldowns, which will provide great results. Get in touch with your trainer about such machines and get hold of the grip accordingly. You can also opt for the optional bars and attachments available from XMark. So tone, sculpt, build and strengthen your body with this body fitness equipment today.


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If you are looking for close grip lat pulldown machines then here are the 3 best close grip lat pulldown machines for you. Get your body toned today! You should also read about the V-Shaped Pulldown Handle as well.

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