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5 Best Squat Rack With Bench Press 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

squat rack bench press
Squat Rack With Bench Press

Obesity is becoming a universal issue. We see people heading towards gyms as well as setting these gyms at home to ensure attractive physique. Buying the right equipment is the key to success in attaining attractive body.

If you are planning to pack up on your muscles, then your couple of big moves will be the squat well paired with the bench press. They will pack on your frame in a speedy manner as compared to any other machine in the gym.

It is due to this fact that it is suggested that your home gym needs to have a sturdy rack that will enable you to perform both these significant exercises in safe and secured manner.

In this piece of writing, we will be talking about the 5 best power racks with the bench press.  You should be comparing their prices, features and then decide for your gym. Take enough time before investing in to a squat rack. It is because it is a kind of investment that cannot be made frequently.

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Overview Of The Top Squat Racks with Bench Press

The Top Squat Racks with Bench Press

The best squat well paired with the bench rack is the combination of 3×3 steel grade framing, hole spacing and last but not the least a pull up bar with a multi grip. It needs to be equipment that enables the users to perform presses as well as squats with compete confidence and even that at a reasonable price that does not prove to be a burden on your pocket.

In order to make the comparison easier for you, underlined is presented to you a brief review of the power racks with bench presses.

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5 Best Squat Rack with Bench Press of 2020

1. PPR 200X Power Rack Review:

PPR 200X Power Rack Review

This squat and bench press unit offers normal walk in zone that is wider and enables you to get in to perfect squat position efficiently. You will also enjoy enough of side to side movement inside the rack. It facilitates the users to perform lateral power moves.

The rack offers around 18 holes positions allowing one to squat and bench at several ranges of heights. It is presented to the users with a pair of heat tempered lift offs along with a couple of saber styled safety rods. There is an optional latpulldown attached with the rack.

It is compact equipment having a foot print of 44 x 82 x 46. Its assembly is straight forward with the help of provided tools. It offers a 10 years warranty.


  • It offers a wider zone for walking purposes
  • It has been equipped with compact footprints
  • It has been presented with a decade frame warranty


  • It makes you feel little shakiness when you load the plates

2. Valor Fitness BD7 Review:

Valor Fitness BD7 Review

It is a full power cage that is made up of 2 by 2 inch, uprights that are made up of solid steel. Other features include the 8 inch plate storage pegs, along with the four chrome weight bar supports that are adjustable.

The rack is a complete range of holes that enable flat, decline, and incline bench pressing. The hole spacing of the rack is between the range of 17.5 to 59 inches.Valor faintness BD7 is a reliable and solid Olympic bench press set that is offered at a great price.


  • It is compact in size
  • Reasonably priced
  • Offered with an attached lat pull down


  • On lat tower, it offers a limited range of motion

3. Body Solid GPR378 Review:

Body Solid GPR378 Review

It is a squat rack that is made up of high tensile 11 gauge strength steel. This quality makes it highly rugged in every manner. It has been features will over sized industrial hardware and all four sided welded construction.

It has been equipped with powder finishing coating which is rust resistant. The rack has been designed with wider walk area to offer more movement freedom inside it.

Also it as heat tempered lift offs offering maximum strength for the squat bar. The safety rods act as reliable spot when you are working on them. You will find twenty levels of adjustment enabling you to squat, deadlift and bench at each level.

The unit allows almost 800pounds to be lifted by the users.


  • It has 11 gauge high tensile steel frame
  • The rack has 20 levels of adjustments
  • You can lift maximum weight of 800 pounds


  • Unracking the squats may be interfered by the bottom cross bar

4. Body Solid Power Line Squat Rack Review:

Body Solid Power Line Squat Rack Review

It is a 2 inch by 2 inch gauge steel with adjustable rack that has been designed to be lowered in order to accommodate the bench pressing. Supports of the bar are pretty much adjustable from almost 30 to 60 inches. Also the frame has extra wide feet in order to provide stability at its best.

It has been measured to be 48x37x30 inches and hence it is compact. There are just four bolts that need to be inserted and hence assembling it is really easy. The spacing between the uprights is generous which means that you can perform both the wide grip as well as close bench moves.


  • It has 2 inch by 2 inch gauge steel construction
  • The rack has compact footprint
  • It is really easy to be assembled


  • It is little light in weight and hence may tilt backwards

5. XMark Multi Press Squat Rack Review:

XMark Multi Press Squat Rack Review

This equipment has an 11 gauge 2×3 inch steel frame well paired with scratch resistant powder finish. Its 1/8th inch wall tubing is pretty much strong. The bench has been equipped with a 9 positions gun rack accompanied by the angled supports. Such support reduces the strain on the wrists.

The load capacity of the equipment is 400pounds. A couple of safety spotter hooks are completely adjustable. Number of storage pins is four. It has a backed powder coat finishing which is scratch resistant.

The base of the stand is extra wide as well as curved and offers maximum rigidity. This makes sure that the bench will not sway or tip. It is pretty much compact well complemented with minimal foot prints.


  • It has main frame that has 11 gauge 2×3 inch steel
  • It has been well adorned with rack supports that are angled
  • The stand has been offered with an extra wide base


  • It offers limited rack positioning to its users


In this above mentioned piece of writing, we have tried to provide you with a comparison of 5 top rated squat racks with bench press. We have also listed the pros and cons of each equipment. Now you may think about your requirements as well as about the dynamics of the room where you want to place it.

All you need to ensure is that you do not overspend in a machine that is more than what you need and vice versa. Look and compare the features of the most wanted power racks with bench press and then make the final decision. Almost all of the prior talked equipment’s are durable, reliable, and cost effective in every possible manner.

Do not let your excitement of buying such a machine overwhelm you as it will not lead you to the right equipment.

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