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What is The Best Powertec Power Rack of 2020?

best powertec power rack
Best Powertec Power Rack

It comes as no surprise when every other fitness enthusiast desires to get a power rack because a power rack is the perfect exercise equipment for the weightlifters. A power rack is a rectangular cube or cage that is a strength training gear which lets you to perform your workouts safely on your own. You can add a power rack to your home gym and can easily accomplish your desired exercise routine.

Want to enhance your fitness routine by using a power rack? Keep reading!

Top Rated Powertec Power Rack of 2020

Here is the list of the power racks which are highly recommended for you.

Powertec Power Rack Reviews

Here, you can find a brief review on the best powertec power rack available on Amazon which are exclusively collected here for your ease.  This will prove to be enormously helpful for you to get a fair idea about picking the best power rack for yourself.

1. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack:

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

This power rack is particularly designed to let you experience the best workouts. The specialty of the Powertec P-PR power rack is the easy installation of the product. The design is quite straight forward and guarantees maximum safety to the user.

Salient Features:

The valuable features which Powertec P-PR power rack provides are written as follows:

  • This power rack allows the user to accomplish free weight training system. Using the Powertec P-PR, one can do dead lifts, rows, squats, all the pressing movements and many more forms of exercises.
  • The Powertec P-PR power rack measures 44 x 82 x 60 inches (W x H x D).
  • The product has a sturdy cage which makes t safe for the users to perform power barbell exercises.
  • The Powertec P-PR power rack supports 1000 pounds and 400 pounds for rack and chin-up, dip bars respectively.
  • The gym equipment is compatible with high and low lat. It has built in dip bars and chin-up.
  • The product has a dimension of 64 x 48 x 82 inches.
  • The powertec P-PR power rack has a product weight of 203 pounds.
  • This power rack has adjustable spotter bars which guarantee extra safety to the user.


Here is a quick summary of the advantages offered by the Powertec P-P4:

  • Due to the built in chin-ups and dip bars, you can add pull-ups, triceps dips, chin-ups and multitude of exercise to your workout routine.
  • The P-PR power rack is generally sold as a separate gym equipment but its compatibility with high and low lat tower pulley system make it even more valuable for the excesses of your back and shoulders.
  • The product comes with a life time warranty for the frame. The other parts including bearings and spring pins come with a warranty of two years. The pads and grips that come with the product have one year guarantee.

2. Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack:

Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack

The foundation of a dynamic home gym is solely based on having the right kind of equipment. The powertec fitness workbench allows the users to perform multiple complex exercises.  The best part about having this power rack is that it is highly safe to perform brutal and rigorous exercises.

Salient Features:

Here is a summary of the valuable features provided by the Powertec Fitness Workbench power rack.

  • The power rack has innovative gravity locks that make it easier to access in and out catch lock.
  • The product can sustain a weight of 400 pounds on the rack, 400 pounds on the dip bars and 400 pounds on the chin-up bars.
  • User can customize the WB-PR14 and can include WB-UB13. This provides lock and loads access. The WB-LTO14 cable system enable you to accomplish the cable driven exercises.
  • This power rack is facilitated with a number of adjustments.


The benefits offered by the Powertec Fitness Workbench power rack are written as follows:

  • The product ensures safety during any type of workout routine because of the innovative gravity locks provided in it.
  • The Powertec Fitness Workbench power rack is compatible with the famous Lat tower option which has padded bar and high and low pulleys. User can expand the power rack for a complete range of cable exercises.

Why Do You Need A Powertec Power Rack in Your Home Gym?

Confused about whether you should purchase a powertec power rack or not? The following valuable aspects of a powertec will help you make a decision.

Here is a brief summary of the benefits of having a power rack in your home gym:

1. Safe to Use:

Even if you have a partner to train with, there is no guarantee that you would never be training alone. For people who like to train alone, one of the most important aspects is to make sure that you do it without jeopardizing your safety. When you do brutal workouts, you may move weight in a way that you could get an injury if anything goes wrong.

A power rack provides exactly the type of safety measurements you need while moving heavy weights. You don’t need to be concerned about how much weight you are carrying because with the safety bar provided in the powertec power rack, you can complete your workouts without getting yourself hurt. When you use a power rack, you, you don’t end up being stuck under the bar.

2. Provides Desired Range Of Motion:

A power rack allows you to adjust the safety catches to your desired height which enables you to train in a specific range of motion. If you face trouble in locking out your bench, you can set the safety bars higher and then press out from there. Since you can pick the bar up from your waist level, therefore, it is safe to say that a power rack helps you in doing squats or front rows easily.

3. Allows You to Do A Multitude Of Exercises:

With the help of a powertec power rack, you can certainly do a wide variety of heavy exercises such as barbell movements. By adding a few attachments in your power rack, you can perform even more exercises.

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What Exercises Can You Perform with A Power Rack?

Among the plenty of exercises which one can perform using a power rack, a few are mentioned below:

1. Basic Exercises:

Squat is the most common training exercise which can be down with the help of a power rack. Other exercises include overhead press, rack lockout, bench press, barbell shrug, close grip bench press, rack pull, inverted row, upright row, barbell curl and barbell bent over rows.

2. Expanded Exercises:

Adding a few attachments, one can perform more exercises with a power rack such as dips, pull up, hanging leg and knee raise, triceps pushdown, lat pull down, cable row, straight arm pull down, cable pull through, cable crunches, biceps cable curl and cable face pull etc.

A Final Word:

The way Powertec power rack ensures your safety while providing a chance to do several different exercises is worth the every penny you spend on it. It is imperative to add a power rack to your home gym. Powertec is definitely the one company which is highly recommended for power rack.

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