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3 Different Lat Pulldown Bars of 2020

Pro Style Lat Pull Down Bar
Different Lat Pulldown Bars

Do not get surprised by the term ‘lat pulldown’. It might make you a bit confused, however, to your surprise, this is the most common term used today. If you really care about your fitness then lat pulldown exercises can be a good option.

Building up strength is very important if you are looking forward to keeping yourself fit. You might come across several weight machines but nothing can beat lat pulldowns when it comes to stimulating your latissimus dorsi muscles.

Getting the best out of the rest is very important. This is not enough, as you need to get the best lat pulldown bar as well. Among several options, there are mainly three lat pulldown bar types such as bars, which are Champion Chrome, Body Solid with rubber grip, and Valor Fitness MB-38 with rubber grips.

The study says that lat pulldown machine has been lined-up as the highest-rated in the market. No wonder, decent looking arms and shoulders are always in demand. To get the to V shape all you need to build the lats primarily and then go ahead with the other list of exercise. When it comes to lat pulling, the bar plays a vital role.

The bar plays a functional part in this exercise. Right from pulling movements to arm pump up, everything gets balanced on this single bar. If used in an improper or wrong way then the exercise can be a blunder.

It will lead to muscle misbalance and strain on your body parts.  This is why before buying the lat pulldown bar, you need to check out all its features, study about the exercises and last but the least should take professional advice as well.

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Following are the lat pulldown bars for you to choose from. They are supposedly the best lat pulldown bars taken out from the list.

1. Specialty Of Champion Chrome Lat Bar:

Champion Barbell Chrome LAT BAR

This a 30 inches lat pulldown bar that comes in steel coating. You can attach the bar at your comfort. Unlike other bars, you do not require to struggle hard to get it attached. Called the pro style latpulldown bar, you can certainly treat as one of the best. No, it is not just our study but trust on it only after you are satisfied with its usability. As it is a wide grip bar, it will act comfortable for your arms, shoulders and back.

Lat Pulldown exercises primarily targets the lats or latissimus dorsi muscles, but the the serratus anterior, the rhomboids and the middle and lower trapezius are also hit. So, it is very important to pull the bar accordingly using its grip so that you do not get hurt.

2. How Far The Body Solid Lat Pulldown Bar Is Different From Champion Chrome Lat Bar?

Valor Fitness MB-38 LAT Accessory Bar with Rubber Grips, 38-Inch

This has proven to be another best Lat Pulldown bar in the market. Unlike Champion Chrome Lat Bar, it comes in multi color and the USP of it is its central swivel rubber grip. Though, it is offered both with and without the grip. It is a steel bar with a silver finish.

The smooth and easy moving central swivel makes it stand out of the crowd. You will be amazed to find its flexibility with several cable workout motions. Fix it with any of such motions and enjoy the comfort of performing the exercise.

The dimensions include 49 inches Length X 1.5 inches Width X 7 inches Height. With this, you can also buy other attachments like champion blade package pack, valeo tricep rope, revolving curl bar and so on.

3. WHICH ONE IS BEST? Valor Fitness MB-38 or Body Solid Lat Pulldown Bar?

Valor Fitness MB-38 LAT Accessory Bar with Rubber Grips

This a solid steel bar coming in contoured rubber grips. The USP of Valor Fitness MB-38 solid lat bar is its steel knurl chrome. There are total 6 rubber grips positioned on the bar, keeping in mind the options for the user to grip the bar, i.e. on steel.

Unlike the Champion Chrome Lat Bar and Body Solid Lat Pulldown Bars, here you will get the swivel cable attachment. This would let your bar rotate without restraint and even keep your grip firm in one position.

When you buy this 38 inches solid steel knurl chrome bar and attach the same with the machine, see how it looks. First of its look and feel and secondly it would make your mode of exercise as smooth as ever.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose any one from the above said list and get started with your exercise regime. Start by attaching them with the high pulley cable and then get hold of the bar keeping your shoulder width apart.

Perform your lat pulldowns to stimulate your latissimus dorsi muscles of your shoulder, arms and back. As discussed before, an exercise like this though a simpler one still need to gather expert’s guidance to build up a healthy body.

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