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Best Lat Pulldown Machine 0f 2020


What is Lat PullDown Machine?


Today getting your body toned with proper wellness program has become very essential. People have been trying Lat many techniques in form of machines to strengthen their muscles. Now if this is the requirement then why not try PullDown Machine to help stabilize your muscles in a proper way.

If you are looking ahead to get yourself involved into strength training exercise then pulldown exercise will be ideal for you. The main motive is to work rigorously on the ‘latissimus dorsi muscle’ to build strength. This kind of exercise is meant to develop and stress your lat muscle.

In fact the Lat PullDown Machine is mainly designed in purpose of the compound exercise. Such machines are known to be free-weight and are particularly targeted for upper body muscles. This technology accelerates your muscle mass, endurance and overall strength.

To use the Lat PullDown Machine, all you need to do is sit down on the machine and pull the wide bar that is attached at the top pulley. The handle or the wide bar is moved via the cable pulley while doing pulldowns. It is very important to adjust the knee pad in order to fit the user’s respective height.

Such pads in the machine would check the user’s body from getting hurt by the resistance connected to the wide bar. No matter how inquisitive you are about such machines and it’s after effects, but unless you know its proper functions you can face muscle imbalances.

So if you are planning to use Lat PullDown Machine to strengthen your lat muscles and tone down your body then first learn to get into a proper training program today.

Lat PullDown Machine Exercises:


Many of you must be thinking that Lat PullDown Exercises are a glamorous one. To be precise it is not that complex and you do not require too many coordination to perform. However, it is true that you need proper training in the initial stage to perform this exercise.

Using such machines does not exude fierceness or rawness just like performing a ‘dead hang pullup’ or a ‘barbell bent-over row’ does. In fact the simple methods and performance of the machine makes your training programs easy in every possible ways.

How Latissimus Dorsi Works?


Strengthening the latissimus dorsi would just not provide you with the excitement of having tough abs or biceps but the integral body mass will be properly balanced. It is all about the upper body where lats play the main role.

Right from the movements to adduction and internal rotation of shoulders is involved while performing the exercise. Accessing the lat pulldown cable machine helps you to pulldown the wide bar thereby strengthening your lats and other muscles as well.

Targeting Your Lats:


This kind of exercise with the help of Lat PullDown Machine mainly targets the user’s lats. Lats are in fact large muscles rightly placed in the outer area of our middle back. Such muscles are evenly placed in several vertebrae right from lower to middle spine thereby wrapping around our armpit.

This directly attaches our lower ribs. Repetition of lat pulldown exercise in fact involves even more than just our lats. The muscles that help in performing this exercise include deltoids, pectoralis minor, biceps, rhomboids and trapezius.

Through variations of grip, new exercises can be created on this Lat PullDown Machine. Say for example, as an alternative hold the hands on the wide overhead grip just at a shoulder distance. Keep increasing the distance in order to double the length or in other way hold the hands close together right inside the shoulder.

The user has the option to change their hand position with the variation of the grip. This will in fact change the elbow paths and with the regime different parts of the body muscles get toned down.

How to Perform Lat Pulldown?

In order to perform the exercise grabs the wide bar with your palms using the set grip.

1. If you have wide grip, make sure your hands have to be spaced out wider at a distance than your shoulder width.

2. If you have medium grip then your hands have to be spaced out with a distance that is equal to the shoulder width.

3. If you have a close grip make sure you have smaller distance in comparison to the shoulder width.

As both the arms are extended in front holding the wide bar at the preferred grip, to proceed with the exercise bring the torso back of yours around in the angle of 30 degrees. This would create a curvature on the lower back sticking the chest out.

With this, as the user breathes out, he/she must bring down the bar slowly until the bar touches the upper chest and then slowly this would draw the shoulders and upper arms down and back. It would be better if the user concentrates on squeezing his/her back muscles once reaching the full slender position.

Make sure the upper torso remains stationary keeping in mind the arms movement. The role of the forearm would be holding the bar only and not pulling down the bar with forearms.

Right at the contracted position compressing the shoulder blades jointly, try raising the wide bar back slowly to the initial position. This moment the lats will be stretched and the arms would be entirely extended. Make sure you inhale properly at this time of your movement. Keep repeating this motion as prescribed by your trainer.



Best Lat PullDown Machines in Market:

There are lots of Pulldown Machines available in the Market. However, you should know which suits you the best. Primarily you must learn about the muscles that can be primarily worked on such machines. As mentioned before, Lat PullDown Machines work on your latissimus dorsi or lat muscles that are located on your back.

Such muscles are broad and large and help in creating the V-shaped back. To be precise, these muscles are entirely accountable for pulling the arms back and down. This is the total action required while performing the pulldown exercise. This kind of machine not only strengthens your back but arms and shoulder muscles as well.

Some of the best Lat PullDown Machines in the market are as follows:

Each of these Lat PullDown Machines has its own unique features. It is absolutely your choice to pick out the one that is required and suits you the best. To start with, you can choose top 3 lat pulldown machines from the above list.

1. Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine:


Using Powerline PLM180x would help in strengthening the muscle mass, tricep press down, lat pull down and so on. Its dual-position foam rollers with 8 inches hold you in a secured way. The wide-grip bar required for pull back and pull down has patented nylon brushing. Such brushing helps in smooth operations.


2. Xmark Lat Pulldown:


This is another kind of pulldown machine that comes with low row lat pulldown cable machine (XM-7618). Same as above, either you buy from online, which suits you the best. This machine comes with both low and high pulley stations. Its 400lb weight is the maximum load capacity.

You can use this machine either with Olympic or standard plate weights. The Lat Pulldown machine has an ‘11-gauge steel mainframe construction’, which is scratch free. This steel mainframe is made out of ‘scratch resistant powder coat finish’. The best part of this machine is, you get optional cable bars and attachments with this machine.


3. Body Solid Pro Clubline:


This machine comes with a dimension of 62 inches Long x 24 inches Width x83 inches Height and Weighs around 450 lbs. It has a high pulley that is placed overhead in order to get the best shoulder and back isolation.

The long pulldown bar helps you choose medium, narrow and wide hand-grip positions. Its ‘No-cable-change design’ helps in seated row/long pull exercise movement thereby increasing strength, size and endurance of the back muscles.


Benefits of Lat PullDown:


Using a Lat Pulldown Machine has lots of benefits in the store. Making use of this particular machine makes your body fit, strong and healthy. As it is a cable-based machine, it mainly targets the latissimus dorsi or lat muscle. This lat muscle extends right across your back as well as top of the rib cage.

Performing exercise on this machine would help in aiding your shoulder extension and adduction. As this exercise mainly involves the strength of the biceps in order to assist your lats’ motion, you might have come across that it is sometimes called bicep lat pulldown as well. Please note this kind of machine and its training regimes does not help in losing weight but play a very important role in building healthy muscles.

Target Muscle Growth:

Muscle growth and strengthening is the main target when it comes to benefits of using Lat PullDown Machine. As mentioned above this exercise machine mainly targets the latissimus dorsi muscles.

As you lift in the beginning, you will feel some kind of tension in your lat muscles but when you return slowly to the starting position, you will feel the tension lessening down.

While pulling down the wide bar, your lats becomes engaged in order to help your shoulders move down to lift the prescribed weight. Now, if you want more muscle development and intense workout choose to take heavier weights.

Strengthening of Your Synergist Muscles:

In order to stabilize the latissimus dorsi and also keep aiding its movement, strengthening of synergist muscles are very important. When it comes to the amount of weight or specific muscles to be used, it will be absolutely your call.

In fact the trainer will help you in this regard as any wrong decision might ruin your muscle strengthening. Check with your trainer whether you have muscle weakness or not.

Depending on that your other muscles should compensate accordingly. This way you will gain the strengthening benefits in your synergist muscles (deltoids, biceps, trapezius, pectoral and rhomboids muscles)

Learn The Advantages of Muscle Development:

Always remember that every time your lats undergo exercises, your muscles experience tiny tears. As your body keeps healing these tears, you keep on building more muscle tissues.

This is the reason if this exercise is done with the help of lat pulldown machine, you can easily tone down your body. To be precise building up muscles would lead to boosting your metabolic rate as muscle burns calories than fat.

Common Errors While Exercising with Lat PullDown Machine:



Lat Pulldown Practice: 

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to learn the technique before performing exercise with Lat PullDown Machine. Get proper training regime, discuss with the trainer and then start with the practice.

Users have a tendency to make errors either with the cable row or the method of using the machine. All mismatches and untrained practice leads to serious problems like body ache, muscle strain and others.

Pulling the Wide Bar Straight Behind The Neck:

Unless your trainer asks you to pull the bar right behind your neck, you must never do it. Though there is no such instruction to do this practice still there are people who try. Make sure you do not practice such things because it shortens the part of exercise you do.

Pulling down the bar below the chest thereby letting your elbow point move backwards:

This kind of practice not only unlock your latissimus dorsi but also leads to anterior glide ( shoulder comes forward). Now if you are having cranky shoulders, this practice would add to lingering pain or irritation.

Using your body momentum: 

This would change your angle of pulling thereby leading to a mid-back exercise other than Lat Pulldown. In such cases if you require pulling the wide bar, you need added weight.

Going too wide:

 Never go too wide because this can shorten the motion range. Those of you who have cranky shoulders might hurt more as it will irritate your joint. Sometimes the joint can get swollen. People have a tendency to grab the bar either above or may be outside their shoulders, which is a wrong procedure.

What to Look For While Buying Lat PullDown Machine?

Look for the best Lat PullDown Machine that not just tone down your body but also strengthen your muscles. Make sure you buy the one that is worth investing. Nowadays there is an array of online stores from where you can get the machines at the most inexpensive rates but they can’t beat the prices and satisfaction guarantee people having with Amazon (which I recommend too).

However, make sure you get a good review before buying one for yourself. You can check the above chart and click on any of them and go straight to Amazon product page.

Pick up the best. As mentioned above the top 6 models of Lat PullDown Machine, see which suits your budget and then go for the final call.

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