4 Best Body Solid Power Rack of 2017? [Comparison]

With the increasing and appreciable trend of maintaining a home gym, more and more fitness enthusiast are getting their hands on the valuable home gym exercise machines. When you decide to add an equipment in your home gym, a power rack is definitely going to come to your mind. Without a doubt,a power rack is the most beneficial purchase for your home gym. It enhances your fitness routine and takes it to a substantial level.  The power rack being a versatile exercise equipment is equally valuable for both men and women. The variety of features it offers absolutely blows your mind away.

Want to get an idea about the power rack which gives you an absolute value for your money? Keep reading because we have got you covered.

What is a Power Rack?

In general, a power rack is an exercise equipment made of steel having a large, rectangular cube shape and is supplied with adjustable pins. These pins allow the users to adjust the exercise equipment according to their height. A power rack enables its users to perform a wide variety of heavy and rigorous exercises.

Top Rated Body Solid Power Rack Review of 2017:

Here is the list of the power racks which are highly recommended for every fitness enthusiast.`

To be fair, the way power rack provides a chance of doing a complete body workout, no other exercise equipment does. Once you make your purchase of a body solid power rack on a regular basis, you would truly realize what a valuable gym equipment it really is.

Here, you can find a brief review on the best body solid power rack available on Amazon which will prove to be immensely advantageous for you to get a fair idea about picking the best power rack for yourself.

1. Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

The Body-Solid Pro Power Rack effectively provides a solid support structure to the users for maintaining a rigorous workout routine. If you are looking for a home gym equipment that can help you become bigger and stronger then the body solid pro power rack is a perfect choice for you.

Salient Features

Following are the considerable features provided by the Body Solid Pro power rack:

  • The machine has a wide walk-in design having the racks with a dimension of 82″ H x 49″ L x 46″ W.
  • Body solid pro power rack can sustain the weight up to 800 pounds, proving it to be useful for fitness junkies of every kind.
  • The equipment has 20 adjustment levels. Each adjustment level has a spacing of 3 inches.
  • The machine has knurled chinning bar which is 41 inches wide.
  • The product has a dimension of 53 x 50 x 84 inches and has a product weight of 229 lbs.
  • The equipment has heavy duty 11 gauge steel frames having a welded construction from all 4 sides. The frames have a high tensile strength which makes it possible for the power rack to sustain load easily.
  • The powder coat finish is electrostatically applied on the machine which makes it resistant from chipping.


An overview of the advantages of the Body Solid Pro Power Rack are given as follows:

  • The Body Solid Pro Power Rack provides a freedom of movement with the help of the adjustable racking. It lets the users accomplish the task of strength training without any compromise on their safety positions.
  • The machine is valuable to carry out every type of benches and extreme workouts.
  • The machine doesn’t get scratches during brutal workouts because of the powder finish coat.

2. Body Solid Multi-Press Rack

The body solid multi-press rack is definitely one of the best home gears accessible in the market. This power rack is exclusively designed to help weightlifters do their exercises without compromising their safety at all. If you are contemplating about getting a power rack then Body Solid Multi-Press Rack is the one option that will surely let you achieve the sculpt body you desire.

Salient Features

The prominent features of are Body Solid Multi-Press Rack are as follows.

  • The Body Solid Multi-Press rack is suitable for weightlifters and lets them do their exercise in a safe manner.
  • The product has a dimension of 49 x 68 x 78 inches and has a product weight of 155 lbs.
  • The machine has a weight sustaining capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • The Body Solid Multi-Press rack provides 14 different positions to the users.
  • The equipment is also provided with over sized safeties which are 17 inches long.
  • This power rack has 4 Olympic storage posts.
  • 11-guage steel is used in the construction of the gear.
  • The Body Solid multi-press rack measures 74 x 45 x 64 inches (H x L x W).


Here is a quick overview of the benefits provided by the Body Solid Multi-Press Rack:

  • The body solid multi-press power rack lets the users to take the bar up and down without the hassle of removing the plates.
  • It provides a chance of doing plenty of side to side movements. Due to which users can perform a wide variety of exercises including dead lifts, calf raises, upright rows, lunges and many more exercises.

3. Body Solid Pro Club line Commercial Rack

The Body Solid Pro Club line Commercial Rack is a perfect blend of quality and value altogether. Being one of the most famous strength training machines, this power rack is hassle-free to use and provide an appreciable level of safety to the weightlifters. Almost all the gyms have this exercise equipment.

Salient Features

Here is an overview of the features of the Body Solid Pro Club line Commercial Rack:

  • The equipment has a 2 x 3 steel mainframe which allows the weight lifters to use the machine for heavy use.
  • This home gym equipment has a load sustaining capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • The product has a dimension of 71 x 80 x 89 inches and has a product weight of 315 lbs.
  • The Best Fitness Power Rack has steel gun rack lift offs.
  • It is provided with the rock solid full length safeties to make sure the user can accomplish the workouts without compromising safety.
  • The Body Solid Pro Club line Commercial Rack is provided with the integrated weight storage.


Here is a brief summary of the advantages provided by the Body Solid Pro Club line Commercial Rack:

  • The Body Solid Pro Club line Commercial Rackis quite easy to use.
  • The extended frame provided with the gear makes it hassle-free for the spotter access.
  • It is a fully functional rack and is made from heavy 11 gauge steel which makes it possible for the equipment to bear the weight up to 1000 lbs.
  • The Body Solid Pro Club line Commercial Rack providesa chance to execute amultitude of exercises.

4. Body Solid Power Rack and Lat Package

Looking for a complete exercise equipment which can facilitate all your needs? Then, the Body Solid Power Rack with Lat Package is a worthy choice.The body solid power rack with Lat package is an ultra-sturdy home gym equipment which makes sure you don’t get any injuries during your heavy workout.


Here is an overview of the features of the product:

  • The product comes with Lar station with Lar bar.
  • It also has low row bar.
  • Weight stack is also included in the package.
  • The Body Solid Power Rack with Lat Package has wide walk-in design.
  • The product has 18 adjustment levels.
  • The dimensions of the product are 86.5 x 46 x 66 inches (H x W x L).


Here is a brief summary of the advantages provided by the gear:

  • Comes with life time warranty.
  • Provided with saber safety rods.

Why Should Body Solid Power Rack be Preferred?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that body solid power rack help the users to build a superhuman strength efficiently at home. You don’t need to go to a gym for your workout routine anymore, instead, you can safely accomplish your exercise routine at home. The body solid power rack, being a modular system provides a flexible way of exercising to work out on every muscle of the human body.

A stable and sturdy support system is of utmost importance for proper workouts and that is exactly what body solid power rack provides. This home gym equipment is designed for the extreme workouts and can easily handle any type of workout. You can add attach other attachments to the body solid power rack in order to increase the weight.

Body solid power racks can be used commercially as well but being a home gym equipment, it is quite easy to assemble. With the beneficial exercises such as bench press, barbell, squat, pull ups, cable press, and dips, the body solid power rack safely and efficiently helps you build muscle for all muscle groups including shoulder, arm, chest, and leg.


If you want to build your body and sculpt it in the shortest span of time a Body Solid Power Rack should be a crucial part of your workout routine. The body solid power rack provides a base frame to the fitness enthusiasts on which they can perform a variety of exercises and build their body in a way they want to. From the body weight exercises to the free weights, you can perform almost every exercise one can think of using the body solid power rack. The body solid power rack is the primary aspect of getting the body you desire.


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